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All Our Pretty Songs

All Our Pretty Songs - Sarah McCarry Won All Our Pretty Songs from Goodreads First Reads. Did not get the book yet, but when I do, I will get to reading it soon. (:

Immortal City

Immortal City - Scott Speer My Rating: 4.0 The minute I saw the cover of Immortal City, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Just look at the cover; it's absolutely gorgeous! I love the guy (and his muscles), his (cross?) tattoo, his tight black shirt, his sharp wings, and the cloudy background. The summary of Immortal City also immediately caught my attention - I've never read, or heard, of any book that made people pay for an Guardian Angel's service. The cover and summary both immediately caught my attention, and with that, I resolved to get my hands on Immortal City as soon as possible. I did...but it was sitting on my bookshelf unread, until now. I love reading about the world-building/society in Immortal City. Like I said above, Scott Speer's idea really caught my attention. It'll be a scary world if Guardian Angels, if they really exist, really do charge money for their services. Right from the very first page, Scott Speer explores the unfairness of that issue: one person who could afford to hire a Guardian Angel gets drunk and drives, which results in a massive car crash. However, that drunk person gets saved by his Guardian Angel because he can afford to hire one while the other innocent driver unfairly drives. This situation certainly pulled me in into the book and caught my attention. "What about him?" Brad asked....The angel looked at the sinking pickup as if seeing it for the first time."He didn't have coverage," he said. (4) Immortal City is told from four different points of view if you ignore the first introductory chapter: Maddy, Jackson, Sylvester, and Kevin. I enjoyed reading every single one chapter written from their point of view, although I don't really think Kevin's point of view is needed. Kevin's point of view didn't show up until near the end of the book and only appeared in two short chapters. Scott Speer could have managed writing the book without it. I didn't really feel Maddy and Jackson's romance - it was almost like insta-love. They met under unusual circumstances, talked for awhile, felt sparks and a connection, was forced to leave each other's company, and from that moment on, Jackson can not forget Maddy and Maddy can not forget Jackson. A short time later, they were both in love with each other. I never really felt Jackson and Maddy's chemistry, it wasn't really believable. His hand was hot to the touch, and Maddy thought she could feel a crackle of electricity, as if a current of energy was passing through Jacks and into her. From the look on Jack's face, he had felt something too. (79) I really enjoyed and liked reading the mystery component of Immortal City. I never saw the culprit coming and I'm really good at predicting plot twists. I was all like ugh, how could I have not figured that out? The culprit was so hard, yet simple, to figure out. Another reason why I enjoyed reading the mystery component in Immortal City is probably because I wasn't actually expecting their to be any mystery in the book. I never read the full summary of Immortal City, so when the mystery part of the book was bought up, I was surprised and somewhat pleased. "You don't just kill an Angel out here with the whole world watching." Sylveser pulled his keys out of his coat pocket. "Come on, Bill," he said as he walked toward his car. "We're not at the murder scene." (110) It's sad that I heard that the sequel to Immortal City, Natural Born Angel, isn't as good as Immortal City. I'll probably avoid reading the sequel to Immortal City, unless the Immortal City series is a trilogy. Will I recommend Immortal City to others? Definitely. It's a fun read with an unique take on angels. Immortal City might be the first book about angels that I absolutely liked. Effortlessly Reading: Immortal City
School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins My Rating: 3.0 When I heard that Rachel Hawkins was writing a spin-off to the Hex Hall series, I was very excited. I loved Sophie's humor and Archer's antics in her Hex Hall series and was hoping that they would both make a special appearance in School Spirits. I also wanted to learn more about Izzy and her family, especially since I enjoyed reading about Izzy's attitude in Spellbound. I was expecting so much from School Spirits. The first thing I noticed about School Spirits was that it was lacking the overall sense of humor the Hex Hall series has. I understand that cracking jokes and making people laugh is not a part of Izzy's straightforward and fierce personality, but I wanted some humor to keep me invested and entertained in the book. Instead, what I got was Izzy's fierce determination to prove her worth to her mother, trying to finish her assigned job without any help. "I'm sorry, Iz. I know you did the best you could."But your best wasn't good enough.Mom didn't have to say the words. I felt them hanging between us in the kitchen. (12) Dex was sadly not as magnetic and hilarious as Archer was. Sure, Dex was unique in his own way with his quirky sense of humor and his own unique clothing style, but he is no Archer. Dex didn't have that subtle chemistry Archer has that just pulled you in. I also sadly didn't anticipate and eagerly waited for Dex and Izzy to get together unlike how I eagerly waited for Sophie and Archer to finally get together. I was just reading about Dex and Izzy's growing attraction and that's it. Squinting at me, he leaned in and said, "Seriously, I might actually be in love with you now. Would it be awkward if we made out?"Head spinning, I stepped back. (65) I've always wondered about Torin, aka the guy lurking/stuck in the mirror, ever since he first appeared in Spellbound. I personally have a theory that he's evil, ever since we first met him. Don't ask me why I think that way, it's just a feeling that I have. We learned new things about Torin, but so far, we don't have any solid answers about Torin in School Spirits, but hopefully we will have at least some answers in the sequel. I have a feeling that he would play a big role in the School Spirits series. "I can't," I said, and Torin watched me with an unreadable expression.Finally he said, "This is being a Brannick, Izzy. No one said it would be easy."And with that, he was gone. (242) School Spirits left me with an ending that strongly hints that there would be a sequel in the future. However, since Rachel Hawkins is hard at work on her other series, she's not writing any sequels to School Spirits anytime soon and is instead focusing on her new series. I don't mind not getting the sequel to School Spirits anytime soon, unless there would be scenes where we get to see Sophie and Archer together. If that is the case, I want the sequel now. "So where to next?"..."I have at least three file folders for you to look through. Couple of interesting cases just came in over the last few weeks." (296) Okay, I kind of think it's unfair that I'm comparing School Spirits to the Hex Hall series so much, but I just can't help it because the Hex Hall series was what made me read School Spirits the first place. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Sophie and Archer together in School Spirits, but that didn't happen. Sophie, Archer, Cal, and Elodie never made an appearance in School Spirits, which is sad. Do I recommend School Spirits? Sure, it was a good read, but here's a warning to you Hex Hall fans, a warning that I wished I got beforehand: Sophie, Archer, Cal, Elodie, etc. do not make an appearance in School Spirits. Not one. Only Izzy, her mother, and Torin does. Effortlessly Reading: School Spirits
Big Sky Summer - Linda Lael Miller Rating: 2.5 stars.I can basically sum up this book in two sentences.

Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks My Rating: 3.0 I've been thinking about this for three days, but I still don't know what rating to give to Of Poseidon. There were a few things about Of Poseidon that I liked, but there were also a few things about Of Poseidon that I didn't like. In the end, I decided to give Of Poseidon a 3 star rating - it was just an okay book. The first thing I have to say is that I absolutely love Emma's voice. She was hilarious to read about and very easy to connect with because of that; she had a natural teenage voice. Emma is dramatic without being too annoying or too mouthy. She had a cute voice that will automatically grab your attention and make you read on. Maybe he's waiting for me to find my balance. Maybe he's waiting for me to gather my pride. I hope he's got all day. (ARC 1) Of Poseidon also shockingly made me laugh several times...out loud. I am usually really hard to impress and you'll have a really hard time making me laugh if I wasn't nervous. However, the humor in Of Poseidon had me laughing, or at least giggling loudly, constantly. The main reason why I laughed and giggled so much was because of Emma's voice - she had such dramatic and funny moments that caught me off guard that caused me to laugh like crazy. "Actually, this is a good time to point out that I'm a royal," he says, pointing to the small tattoo of a fork on his stomach, just above the border where his abs turn into fish. "And since you're obviously Syrena, you do have to obey me." "I'm what?" I say, trying to figure out how an eating utensil could possibly validate his claim of seniority. (ARC 115) However, the number one thing that annoyed me in Of Poseidon about Emma was the words Emma used, such as "ohmysweetgoodness" and "fan-flipping-tastic." Seriously, who says that? Nobody. I hope. I mean, I say "oh my goodness" sometimes, but to say "ohmysweetgoodness?" No thanks. Luckily, "ohmysweetgoodness" and "fan-flipping-tastic" didn't ruin the flow of Of Poseidon that much. "There's a million dark little corners in Baytowne for you two to snuggle-""Ohmysweetgoodness, Chloe, stop!" I giggle and shiver at the same time and accidentally imagine walking around The Village in Baytowne Wharf with Galen. (ARC 16) Another thing that annoyed me while reading Of Poseidon is while Emma's point of view is written in the first person point of view, Galen's point of view is written from the third person point view, present tense. I don't care if Emma and Galen's chapters is written from different point of views, but reading Galen's point of view was so awkward. While I was reading chapters told from his point of view, I was stumbling over several sentences because his chapter is told from the present tense in the ARC. Present tense doesn't really flow in the book and it made Galen's chapters so awkward to read about. I also have a major issue with the sexism in Of Poseidon dealing with the Syrenas. The overall gist I got from the book was that girls are weak, and therefore can't make their own decisions. That's why the males get to order them around and the girls must obey, no matter what, because it's good for them. Yeah, no thanks. "You're telling me your brother forced her to marry Toraf?" Speaking while her jaw is clenched makes her words difficult to understand."Well, it's not like she was there-""What? She wasn't at her own wedding?" (ARC 128) Of Poseidon leaves off with a huge cliffhanger that makes me want to hurt someone...until I realize that I had an ARC of Of Triton. Thank goodness. It is seriously a mean cliffhanger. Thank goodness I've never read Of Poseidon the minute it came out. I would have hurt somebody for the sequel. Overall, do I think that Of Poseidon is a worthwhile read? Sure, especially if you love humor and romance. However, if you're the type of person who hates sexism, I suggest you avoid this book like the plague. Effortlessly Reading: Of Poseidon

How I Lost You

How I Lost You - Janet Gurtler My Rating: 3.0 I'll read anything written by Janet Gurtler. She writes about unique topics, ranging from seeing your best friend hooking up with your mother's boyfriend to a peanut butter kiss killing a guy. When I heard that she was releasing a new book, How I Lost You, I automatically knew that I would read it sometime in the future. Before I start my review though, I want to comment on the gorgeous cover of How I Lost You. I love the strokeable orange spine. (Did I mention that orange is my favorite color, especially that shade of orange?) The pose of the girl and the guy on the cover is also very cute. I will seriously buy this book for the cover alone. "Don't worry, my Skanklet. I have ways of making things happen.""But-" I started to say."Butt," she interrupted, turned, and shook her butt at me as we headed out of the playing area. (6) I don't think the summary of How I Lost You describes the actual book very well. At first, when I first read the summary of How I Lost You, I thought the book was about two best friends who fell for the same guy and their friendship became ruined because of that. I mean, there was so much emphasis on the "Sisters Before Misters" and "Buds Before Studs" part of the summary that what else was I supposed to think? In reality, How I Lost You isn't like that at all. How I Lost You is a story of two best friends - Grace and Kya - and how one best friend, Grace, realized what they had wasn't real friendship at all. Oh, in case you're also wondering this, there is a bit of romance in How I Lost You, but not a lot. "Grace, you're a PAINTBALL PRINCESS.""Kya, you da QUEEN!" I yelled back. It was our version of trash talk. (2) Grace's situation with her best friend Kya reminded me so much of my situation with my ex-best friend. We, Grace and I, were both treated like dirt, to put it nicely. Like Grace, I had to give up a lot of opportunities for my so-called best friend. Like Grace, my so-called best friend made fun of my other friends and people I was close with, trying to completely isolate me from everyone else so she can have me all to herself. Unlike Grace, I've never realized that until uncontrollable circumstances pulled me and my best friend apart. I was so proud of Grace when she finally stood up for herself and what she wanted, instead of letting Kya get her way, again. I love the fact that Grace finally saw through Kya's lies and stopped making half-hearted excuses for Kya. I especially love it when Grace realized that Kya was just using her past to control her and get away with doing self-destructive things. Grace went through a huge character development and I really liked how it progressed. "Don't be," I said without thinking. "Things aren't always the way they seem."My choice of words surprised me.Was I trying to tell myself something? (178) I love that How I Lost You also deals with paintball, a sport I've never read about before. In fact, I've never even considered paintball as a sport and never knew that college paintball teams even existed until I read How I Lost You. If you want to read a book about losing friendships and growing apart from your best friend, then How I Lost You is definitely the right book for you. Don't be fooled by the summary - How I Lost You is definitely not a book focused mainly on romance. Effortlessly Reading: How I Lost You

Storm (Brigid Kemmerer's Elemental Series #1)

Storm - Brigid Kemmerer My Rating: 3.0 I've heard tons of good things about Storm and the entire Elemental series lately. Everyone was boasting about it - how the Elemental boys were so hot, how they could re-read all the books over and over again, and how I would definitely enjoy reading Storm. However, after finishing Storm, I have only one thing to say: I don't see what's so good about the Elemental series really. (Don't hate on me please!) The thing that ruined Storm for me was the characters. You know you won't really enjoy a book when you hate almost every character in the book, especially the main character. I disliked Becca with a passion. That girl is an idiot. She takes drinks from strangers she's never met at a party located in her ex's house, keeps major important information that can save her life to herself, and follows the guy that had made her life living hell for a long time, alone, thinking she was all that. Like, what?! And to make things even worse, Becca is arrogantly ignorant to Chris' feelings for her and makes out with Hunter, even once letting him spend the night with her. Then, when she saw that Chris was hanging out with another girl, Becca proceeds to wildly make out with Hunter in front of Chris and everybody else, practically mauling Hunter down. Yeah, Becca, you're a totally awesome person that I can just admire. This was stupid. She wasn't some wallflower to be mocked - she was with Hunter. (268) You wouldn't have had to be "mocked" Becca if you haven't started that making out show with Hunter the first place to make Chris jealous. And Becca's "best friend," Quinn, wasn't any better. Quinn goes into Becca's personal space, barging into her family life. Quinn also ditches Becca before Becca has any chance to explain herself, is bossy and takes away Becca's safety net, and worse of all, ditches Becca for a guy. How can Quinn ever be anyone's best friend? No, just no. "I'm good."Becca stared at her for a long moment, then opened her mouth to protest again. "I'm just trying to make sure you're okay-""Jesus, Becca," said Quinn. "I have a mother." (110) Chris was the only person I really liked in Storm. He was nice, thoughtful, and dependable. That sixty bucks thing? Although I'll hate to agree with anything Quinn said, I'll have to agree with her on this, what he did for Becca was seriously cute. Throughout the last half of the book, I was constantly chanting "Chris, walk away, Becca is not good enough for you!" repetitively in my mind, although I know it was a pointless thing to do because he would probably end up with her anyway to make readers happy. As for the second plot twist near the end of the book, I saw that coming from a mile away. I wasn't at all surprised about that plot twist; it wasn't that hard to figure out. One thing I did like about Storm is watching Michael rebuild his brotherly relationship with his three younger brothers: Chris, Nick, and Gabriel. It was nice to watch all the tension between them build up, then turn into understanding for one another. Michael tightened his grip. "I'm sorry." His face was close to his younger brother's. "I'm sorry." (314) I also enjoyed reading about Brigid Kemmerer's version of the Elementals, especially how she used a pentagram to describe their powers. The pentagram made the Elementals unique, otherwise, without the pentagram, the Elementals would be just like all the other supernatural books out there: people that can control the power of water, fire, earth, and air. I'm not sure if I'll check out the next book in the Elemental series, Spark, even though tons of people claim that it was a better read than Storm. Gabriel was pretty awful in Storm, and I don't think I can handle reading another book focused on an annoying character again. My final thoughts? Storm was an okay read, but definitely not anything special. Will I recommend it? Sure, if you can look past Becca's character faults, Storm would have actually been an enjoyable read. Effortlessly Reading: Storm

Charm & Strange

Charm & Strange - Stephanie Kuehn Won Charm & Strange from Goodreads First Reads. Did not get the book yet, but when I do, I will get to reading it soon. (:
Ask Bob - Peter Gethers Won Ask Bob from Goodreads First Reads. Did not get the book yet, but when I do, I will get to reading it soon. (:
The Hunter - Monica McCarty Won The Hunter from Goodreads First Reads. Did not get the book yet, but when I do, I will get to reading it soon. (:

He's Gone

He's Gone - Deb Caletti Won He's Gone from Goodreads First Reads. Did not get the book yet, but when I do, I will get to reading it soon. (:
If I Should Die - Amy Plum My Rating: 1.5 I won't lie - I struggled a lot with If I Should Die. I wanted to put the book down so many times, but was determined not to because this was the last book in the Die For Me series and I need to see how it ends. However, you know a book is really bad when the moment you finish reading it, you start dancing around the room in happiness. That was how I was the moment I finished reading If I Should Die. Reading the book was like...okay, I won't use that word because it isn't nice, but my point is, I really struggled with the book. The first thing I want to talk about is Amy Plum's writing. I've noticed this ever since I've read both Die For Me and Until I Die; Amy Plum's writing just makes it so hard for me to connect with any of the characters, especially Kate. I don't know the perfect word/way to describe her writing; the best I can come up with is that her writing is just so formal and polite that it lacks any feeling, but those two words don't fully describe how I feel about her writing. Amy Plum's writing makes me feel disconnected from any of the characters and the events happening in her books - I didn't feel Kate's pain and sadness on losing Vincent or her desperate struggle to save him, I basically felt nothing but dying boredom while reading. I'll like to describe Amy Plum's writing as being forced, but I don't think that's the correct word to describe it either. Time passes snail slow and my limbs ache so much that tears leak from my eyes. I'm not crying; it's just my body's response to the intense pain. (292) And another major thing I had a problem with in If I Should Die: the info-dumping. I get that Amy Plum is slowly trying to fully introduce us to the revenants and everything they do, but all the info-dumping via dialogue just drove me nuts. I was highly tempted to skim all the info-dumping going on, but decided against it because things related to it might pop up later and bite me. The first half of If I Should Die can be basically summed up in one simple sentence: Kate is looking for a way to save Vincent. That's it. That's right, the first 221 pages of If I Should Die is dedicated to Kate's angst of losing Vincent and looking for a way to save Vincent because she wants to feel him again. (This may also be the perfect time to also say that she also wants to save him so she can have sex with him.) That's all that happens in the first half of the book. Yeah, you can see why I was so bored. There were so many things Vincent and I hadn't done. More than ever, I wanted to connect with him. To hold him in my arms, be held by him, and get as close as two people possibly can. To give him all of myself and take what he gave me. But that wasn't even an option now. (203) The second half of the book was a bit better than the first half, with a few twists and turns. There was a "final battle," if you can even call it that, and things were mainly resolved with a few loose strings left dangling. I don't have any major complaints with the second half of the book, but by then, it was a little too late to get me to actually enjoy the book after suffering from the boredom of the first half. I don't have answers to all the questions that lie before me. But Vincent and I have time to figure them out. All the time in the world. (405) Do I think If I Should Die is a good ending to the series? Sure. However, If I Should Die would have surprised me if I haven't read a pre-review that managed to guess the major plot twist in If I Should Die, even before the actually ARC and book came out. Do I think Die For Me is a worthwhile to read series? Honestly, no. I recommend skipping it. If you're really looking for a book set in Paris that describes the setting perfectly, go and try Stephanie Perkins' Anna and the French Kiss instead. You won't regret it. Effortlessly Reading: If I Should Die

Three Little Words (Fool's Gold #12)

Three Little Words  (Fool's Gold #12) - Susan Mallery My Rating: 3.0 After reading Just One Kiss and Two of A Kind, I wanted Three Little Words in my hands as soon as possible. With all that buildup surrounding Ford and Isabel in Just One Kiss and Two of A Kind that had me sitting on the edge of my seat, I wanted to read Ford and Isabel's story now. It took awhile for NetGalley to accept me and every single day that I was waiting to get accepted or rejected to read Three Little Words was absolute torture. By the time I was finally accepted to read and review Three Little Words, I had nearly given up on being accepted to review it at all. Ford is amazing. He somehow never held a grudge towards his ex-girlfriend, who cheated on him with his best friend, when Ford and her were engaged. I understand that fourteen years has passed, but still. I would have still held a grudge on her, even after fourteen years. I don't care if he thought he wasn't really in love with her, it's just absolutely wrong to find out that your girlfriend and your best friend was seeing each other behind your back. I would wish that on no one."Since you've been back in town, you're all he could talk about. How he wanted to apologize and make things right. It's been fourteen years. How on earth could anyone still be holding a grudge?" (ARC 56) I'll sadly be still holding a grudge. We finally find out who Consuelo ends up with. After her little story in Two of A Kind, I was very eager to read and learn more about Consuelo's well-deserved happily ever after. In the end, I was satisfied with her story and who she ended up with. Her story was sweet, heart-tugging, and gripping. The ending of Three Little Words was...uneventful. It was quick and unsatisfying, leaving me with the feeling that something was just missing. Like most of all the other books in the Fools Gold series, Three Little Words also ended with the pattern of the guy leaves the girl, realizes that he loves her or that he can be with her after all, then comes back to her. This happens again in Three Little Words. In fact, it happened in all three books in the Justice, Gideon, and Ford trilogy. He shrugged. "If you're still in love with me, I'd like that a lot, because I'm sure in love with you." (ARC 328) Will I recommend Three Little Words to anybody? Definitely, especially if you love reading light, fluffy romance books. The Fools Gold series can also help pull you out of your book slumps; it helped pull me out of a book slump more than once because Susan Mallery's books was light and fun enough to entertain me and make me enjoy reading again. Effortlessly Reading: Three Little Words

Bloodfever (Fever Series, Book 2)

Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning My Rating: 3.5 After reading Darkfever awhile ago and feeling okay about it, but curious enough to want to read more, I decided to also check out the next book in the Fever series, Bloodfever. Darkfever might not be a completely awesome read, but Bloodfever is sure to be better right? I mean, there must be a good reason why the Fever series is so popular right? Bloodfever starts off with a short prologue, which pretty much gives readers an entire recap of what had happened in Darkfever, down to the tiniest important detail. From then on, the rest of Bloodfever has a few passages where Mac reflects on what has happened and what she has learned from the past book. Those passages are incorporated well into the book so that it doesn't feel like a recap, even though it was meant to be one. I hate pity. Sympathy isn't quite as bad. Sympathy says, I know how it feels, doesn't it just suck? Pity means they think you're defeated. (18) Mac is a totally different person than the one we saw in Darkfever. She's a little more smart, more tough, and cares a lot less about her looks. Yes, she even ignores the fact that she broke her freshly painted pink nails. The best thing of all is that Mac acknowledged she changed and that there were two sides to her: the girly side that just wants to deny everything and run away and the tough side that wants to knock down everything standing in her way. I like this tough Mac a lot better than I liked the old girly Mac. I would wear pink because I knew my future was anything but rosy. I would accessorize myself to the hilt, and I would wear flirty shoes because my world needed more beauty to counter all the ugliness in it. I would wear pink because I hated gray, I didn't deserve white, and I was sick of black. (291) The chemistry between Mac and Barrons is sizzling. Karen Marie Moning sure knows how to write scenes with tons of sexual tension; most of the time, Barrons is bluntly flirting with Mac while Mac is obviously clueless about his intentions and trying to deny everything happening between them. Their sexual tension got so hot that they made out, accidentally shared one of their deepest darkest memories, then bickered and ignored everything that had happened. I can't wait to see what direction their relationship is headed towards in the next book. "I couldn't breathe with him kissing me.""One day you may kiss a man you can't breathe without, and find breath is of little consequence.""Right, and one day my prince might come." "I doubt he'll be a prince, Ms. Lane. Men rarely are." (95) As for Barrons, I like him a little better than I did in Darkfever. He's less abusive, less in-your-face, and less cocky. The Barrons in Bloodfever also saves Mac, again, and when he does, we see a really soft side to him. I'm still not sure what to think of him because everything about him is a mystery, but I'm reading on to find out more about him and his mysterious past. Thankfully I'm not most women. I don't get off on danger. I get off on a man with strong moral fiber. The closest Barrons ever gets to fiber is walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store. (15) In Bloodfever, we finally meet the famous Dani O'Malley who has her own personal spin-off series. We don't know much about her yet, but it's obvious that she would be dear to Mac because Mac constantly thinks and worries about her. Effortlessly Reading: Bloodfever
The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa My Rating: 3.0 I could not wait for The Eternity Cure to come out, especially with the sort-of cliffhanger the The Immortal Rules left us with. The Immortal Rules was probably the best vampire book I've ever read due to Julie Kagawa's brilliant storytelling abilities. I knew, without a doubt, that I would definitely check out The Eternity Cure once it was released, especially when I heard the promise that there would be more blood and more gore. The Eternity Cure started with a bang! I was immediately sucked in into the story and loved Allie's badass new attitude. She's still embracing what it means to be a vampire, with Jackal along her side to "help." Allie's trying to stay true to her human morals, no matter what happens. "Of course they do," Jackal said, as if that was obvious. "What fun is feeding from bloodbags you don't catch yourself? It's like having a stocked lake and never fishing from it." (94) And Zeke is back! I was personally not expecting that, especially with the way The Immortal Rules ended. We get to see more of Zeke's romantic side with an added bonus: this time, Zeke is tough and not as innocent as before. What he went through in The Immortal Rules was a huge eye-opener for him and he took charge in The Eternity Cure. Zeke knows what he can handle and what he can not handle, without turning his back on his morals. I personally like him this way. "I'll remember my promise, vampire girl," he whispered back, forcing the words out through the agony. "If you remember yours." (357) One character that I thought I would never ever see again came back: Stick. Excuse me, I mean his other name, which I would not say because it's a spoiler. But boy, did I hate Stick. Throughout the book, I was literally chanting KILL HIM, KILL HIM, KILL HIM! and was so disappointed when Allie didn't, even though she had plenty of changes to. I knew Stick would bring in major problems for Allie later on in the book and boy, was I right. Stick is a disgusting little wimpy thing who thinks everything is about him or has to do with him. ...but I wasn't thinking straight anymore. I stared at this...thing below me, this creature who I thought had been human, once. (419) The Eternity Cure has a lot of recapping, but this time, it's a good thing, for me at least. I read The Immortal Rules the month it came out, which means I read it a little more than a year now. I was originally planning on rereading The Immortal Rules because I was afraid that once I started The Eternity Cure, I would be totally lost, but it turns out I didn't need to. However, if I had remembered everything that had happened in The Immortal Rules, I would be annoyed with the amount of recap in The Eternity Cure. The Eternity Cure recapped the smallest important details. I will probably freak out some people by saying this, but there was not enough blood and gore in The Eternity Cure. I was promised a lot of blood and gore from people who've read The Eternity Cure already, and that got me really excited. (Hey, don't judge me. This is coming from the person who watched The Grudge in the dark and wasn't scared. Okay, maybe I was a little scared, but still, I was scared of the innocent little kid who just stares at you.) In the end, what could really clarify as being bloody and gorey in my book was the ending, but the ending wasn't scary either. I guess I'm just too tough to scare. When the barkeep returned, I was already gone. He would find the bodies - the ones stupid enough to stay and fight - lying where they had fallen, a couple in pieces, but most of them still alive. I had what I'd come for. (12, 13) In the end, I really don't know why I gave The Eternity Cure three stars. Maybe it's because I wasn't that invested in it; I only mildly enjoyed reading the book. I was expecting The Eternity Cure to be darker and bloodier, like everyone said, but I just didn't get that. I'm not saying The Eternity Cure is a bad book, it's just not exactly my version of the perfect book. Will I recommend The Eternity Cure? Sure, especially if you love action-packed novels. Effortlessly Reading: The Eternity Cure

Ten Tiny Breaths

Ten Tiny Breaths  - K.A. Tucker My Rating: 4.0 I'll admit it - when I first started Ten Tiny Breaths, I was prepared to be not at all impressed with the book. Why? Well, hyped-up books had burned me more than once and with the huge hype surrounding Ten Tiny Breaths, I suspected I would not be impressed by a hyped-up book, again. I was dead wrong. Ten Tiny Breaths was intense, powerful, and one addicting ride. I'm used to having things under control. I fight to stay numb. That's how I get through each day and it's worked well for me. Until now. Now Trent has edged into my life and I can't focus. (ARC 76) I could not put Ten Tiny Breaths down, even though I was supposed to be studying for my final. Ten Tiny Breaths was 100% gripping and addicting, with perfect little snippets of humor to bring some comic relief. I wanted to learn more about Kacey's story, what she had to go through, and how she dealt with it all. I wanted to find out what the "explosive secret [that] could shatter both [Kacey and Trent's] worlds" was. I simply wanted more. The instant attraction between Kacey and Trent was a setback; it was a bit unbelievable to me. When Kacey first met Trent, she completely froze up and became an idiot instead of the headstrong, furious girl we saw in the beginning. After her first conversation with Trent, all Kacey could mostly think about was Trent and his blue eyes and dimples. She barely even knew him. It didn't really sit well with me, although I was happy that Kacey could somewhat easily trust Trent and let him into her life. He stops what he's doing to glance over his shoulder, blazing eyes leveling me with a look that makes me want to do things to him, for him, with him. His attention drags down the length of my body, unashamed. This guy is a contradiction. One second sweet, the next second brazen. A mind-blowing hot contradiction. (ARC 21, 22) I saw the ultimate twist that the summary hinted at coming from a mile away. However, to my shock, I still cried when the big reveal happened, even though I was completely prepared for what was to come. It's amazing that K.A. Tucker could do that, getting me so invested with the characters that I hurt for them even though I was expecting it to happen. And Trent. He is such a conflicting character to me. I still can't decide what to feel about Trent. What he did was twisted and disgusting, but at the same time, I can understand why he did the thing he did. But still, so many things could have not worked out! Why would he do that, just why? (You don't have to answer the question, I know why, but that doesn't make it any better, does it?) I was somewhat surprised to learn that Ten Tiny Breaths had really mature content, even though I know that it's a new adult book. Ten Tiny Breaths talked about sex (and, of course, there are several sex scenes in the book) and erections. It took some getting used to because most new adult books I've read smooths over the sex scenes and doesn't talk about erections. Am I going to check out the next book in the series, One Tiny Lie? Highly likely. The synopsis has me intrigued and the fact that it's told from Livie's point of view is a huge plus. (Also, who is this Ashton?) Do I recommend Ten Tiny Breaths? Definitely. If the cover can't convince you to read it, then let me tell you this: The hype isn't lying. For once. Effortlessly Reading: Ten Tiny Breaths