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The Marriage Bargain (Marriage to a Billionaire)

The Marriage Bargain  - Jennifer Probst My Rating: 3.5 I wanted to read The Marriage Bargain for the longest time ever since it came out. My book friends were bragging about it, talking about how cute it was. The problem was, at that time I didn't know how to use my iTouch as an e-reader. Even if I did, I had no way to buy anything online (no credit card here.) When I finally got my finally got my hands on The Marriage Bargain, it was one of the first e-books I've ever read - in less than a day. Before I really get into my review, I'll have to note this: the summary/blurb is wrong. Nicholas Ryan doesn't inherit his father's corporation, but his dead uncle's. Nick has a shaky relationship with his parents, especially his father, who wanted to share his uncle's corporation. Jennifer Probst really managed to tug on my heartstrings. I felt Alexa's pain, and a bit of Nick's pain/emotions. (Nick's "crisis" was repeated so much that I just couldn't help roll my eyes and think get over it already!) Jennifer Probst had me crying for two whole chapters. It was an endless cycle, cry - wipe away tears - read about three more paragraphs - and then cry again. In addition to crying, Jennifer Probst also managed to make me laugh out loud - at 1:00AM in the middle of the night. Don't ask. The Marriage Bargain was so good that when I was finished with it, I was like I'm done already? It felt like I read less than a hundred pages, it was that quick. Despite all the good things about The Marriage Bargain, the main reason I gave it a rating of three-point-five instead of a solid four was because I wasn't satisfied with the ending. It was a cheap way out. I was expecting Nick to do something a lot more to earn Alexa's forgiveness after the way he hurt her, not that cheap dressed-up speech. Maybe my expectations were just too high. I dunno. ohdamnbooks: the marriage bargain