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Something about You (FBI/US Attorney Series #1)

Something About You - Julie James My Rating: 4.5 I first saw Something About You on goodreads and knew I had to read the book immediately due to its blurb (I'll read anything about murder investigations with romance involved) and the very eye-catching cover. (That pose, that dress, isn't it just gorgeous?) Right on the very first page, I was confused. What was going on? After about five pages though, I got the story and couldn't help but marvel: Julie James is brilliant. I've never read a murder mystery starting off like that (hotel room, Cameron hearing them do the dirty, and then witnessing a murder shortly) and I doubt I ever will again. I love that Cameron Lynde is not one of those hopeless clueless characters that need protection you read in other books. Cameron is smart, cocky (in a good way), and self-assured. When the FBI told her that she needed protection (because she witnessed the murder), Cameron is not one of those bratty girls whining why me? But I don't want to! Instead, she sucks it up and helps the guy she had a conflict with - Agent Jack Pallas - with cracking the case. Readers can tell that Julie James did major research for her book. Cameron Lynde is an assistant US attorney while Jack Pallas is a FBI agent. Julie James knew the works - how cases in both the FBI and law offices were handled, the security protocols, and how the system works. It was obvious that Cameron and Jack knew what they're doing and what they're talking about. Just reading Something About You gave me a better sense of how the United State's criminal and justice system worked. All of Julie James' characters just clicked. There is no single awkward not needed character like some books I've read before; each character in Something About You is introduced is needed, kept, and has a purpose. Not to mention, Cameron and Jack's arguments were so cute and quirky that it's just hilarious. There is never a dull moment when they're arguing and their chemistry is amazing. I will definitely be reading Julie James' other contemporary romance books in the future. ohdamnbooks: something about you