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Identical - Ellen Hopkins My Rating: 3.5 Wow. Just wow. God, the things Identical talked about is god damn awful. And the end was just tragic. Stunning. Shocking. Sad. The beginning. We meet Kaeleigh and Raeanne, identical twins. Their life is twisted. Although their parents are married, they couldn't be more far apart ever since the car accident. Their father is a honorable judge during the day and a mean drunk at night, raping Kaeleigh once in a while ever since she was nine whenever he feels like it. Their mother is busy at the polls, hoping to be voted a spot into Congress, blind to her husband's advances towards her child. To make things even worst [sick], Raeanne constantly asks herself why her father couldn't give her his love instead of Kaeleigh, wanting him to touch her the way he does to Kaeleigh, watching them do it. All I could do was baffle, if that is even a word. Like what the hell? If I was Raeanne, I would try to help Kaeleigh, not criticize her and want my father's disgusting attention. All I can think was what is wrong with her? I feel so sorry for Kaeleigh, wondering why she wouldn't tell anyone what was happening to her, but understanding that she was too ashamed to at the same time. The middle. Raeanne suddenly has a change of heart and helps Kaeleigh avoid getting raped by their father on some occasions. Kaeleigh finally takes a chance and tries to be with Ian, but keeps feeling that she doesn't deserve him. Meanwhile, Raeanne divides her time between Mick and Ty, giving them sex just to obtain marijuana. This is when Identical started getting draggy and tedious. I didn't understand Raeanne's sudden change of heart and winced when she tried to seduce her history teacher. The ending. The twins' mother won the election, moving away from their home permanently. Kaeleigh tries committing suicide and almost succeeds. Suddenly, it's revealed when Raeanne is hanging out with Ty and Ian found out that Raeanne is really Kaeleigh, Raeanne having died in the accident many years ago. Kaeleigh suffers from dissociative identity disorder, not including: drug abuse, bulimia, alcohol problems, cutting, and rape that happened throughout the book to both Kaeleigh and Raeanne, who were also the same person. After finding that out, my jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out - I never expected that to happen ever. Throughout Identical, I didn't know what to make of Ian. It seems like he was telling his little brother bad (but true) things about Kaeleigh. However, at the end, when he was willing to stay with Kaeleigh and try to work things out, I really admired Ian. If I was in his position, no matter what, I wouldn't give Kaeleigh another chance after all the things she did, even if she was disillusional. As expected, Ellen Hopkins writes about another hard to touch subject, tugging at readers' heartstrings. Identical is strong, sad, and ultimately devastating, leaving readers, or at least me, as shocked at the ending as when I read Burned. ohdamnbooks: identical