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Something Like Normal

Something like Normal - Trish Doller My Rating: 3.5 I could tell Something Like Normal was unique right from the very first pages. Unlike other books, it pulled me right in from the start. The romance, family drama, and war issues were all done correctly with a realistic main guy character that told the story. Something Like Normal was also refreshing, with plenty of characters I would have loved to punch in the face and other characters I'll love to know in real life. Let's start with the main character, Travis. He just came home from Afghanistan, racked with guilt over watching his best friend die and couldn't do anything to save him. I understood Travis, how he could feel glad and guilty at the same time over killing someone in Afghanistan. However, Travis is an idiot when it came to girls. Why ruin something awesome with Harper over a slut like Paige who went slinking to his little brother? (I bet it was Paige who spread all the rumors about Harper the first place.) Man, I love Harper. To have the guts to punch a handsome guy out that you've secretly had a crush on for years in front of everyone is definitely a quality I want in a friend. In fact, she understands Travis and all his nightmares and never judges him for it. She's realistic and I couldn't believe that she gave Travis a third chance that easily. I wanted to kick, no, do way worse things to Ryan, Travis' younger brother. Like stealing Travis' slutty girlfriend wasn't enough, he has to take Travis' car that he worked hard to save for and break it. "Why did you sleep with my girlfriend?" [Travis] "You get everything, Travis," he says. [Ryan] "What exactly do I have that you haven't taken, Ryan?" I ask. "You hang out with my friends, drive my car, and steal my girlfriend while I'm in Afghanistan. What more do you want from me? I have nightmares that keep me up at night. You're fucking welcome to those." [Travis] Ryan doesn't say anything for a moment. He just looks at the floor. But when he looks up at me, his face is still hard. "I can take one more thing," he says. "You tell Harper or I will." (page 161-162) That's the last we see of Ryan and I'm hoping that Ryan gets messed up in life to put it very nicely. He doesn't know how good he has it. Now Travis' dad was a real asshat, one of those football dads that pressures his son to play well. Travis didn't enjoy football - hated it in fact - and when he quit after playing for three long years to satisfy his dad, his dad started to go against him, calling Travis useless. Then when Travis was gone and his mother started worrying for him instead of paying attention to Travis' dad as usual, Travis' dad decided to go out and have an affair. I was so glad when Travis' mom finally opened her eyes and kicked him out of her house. Want an awesome relaxing heartwrenching read? Give Something Like Normal a shot. You won't regret it. ohdamnbooks: something like normal