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Torn: Trylle Trilogy Book 2 (Trylle Novels)

Torn  - Amanda Hocking My Rating: 3.0 After reading Switched, I was so looking forward into reading Torn, but to my dismay, Torn was a disappointment compared to Switched. Torn simply didn't have the same feeling that Switched has. However, Torn does have a breathtaking cover like how Switched does. One thing that angers me in Torn is the way Finn describes his feelings for Wendy. "He couldn't even understand his attraction to her. She was incorrigible and defied him every chance she got. Sometimes, Finn was positive she disagreed with him just because she liked to argue. Despite being smart, she reacted irrationally at times and let her heart make her decisions far too often." (page 300) Excuse me, but if Finn was my boyfriend, he would so be dumped two weeks ago. Or maybe I'm judging him too hard since I understand Wendy's point of view since the whole Trylle Trilogy is told from her point of view, but I still wouldn't want any boyfriend of mine to think that way of me. Loki, Wendy's other love interest, doesn't really grow on me. Their attraction is too sudden and too unreal. When Wendy and Loki first met, they have this shared "connection" and Loki falls for Wendy simply because she is kind, something he never experienced before. That I understand. The problem is that Loki falls so far for Wendy that he wants her to run away with him when he knew her for less than month. He is also willing to get tortured just to save her. That's a little too extreme for me. Wendy, on the other hand, is just attracted to Loki because of his mysteriousness and his handsome looks. That, in my opinion, is a pretty poor excuse for love. Hopefully Amanda Hocking justifies who Wendy chooses to be with (I know it's Loki since -ahem- I got Ascend in my hands right this moment and took a peek at the last chapter) with a happy believable ending. I just hope Ascend will be as good as Switched, or maybe even better. ohdamnbooks: torn