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Body & Soul (Ghost and the Goth Novels)

Body & Soul - Stacey Kade My Rating: 3.5 Oh my gosh. Alona and Will are finally finally finally offically together in this book! I've been waiting for them to get together offically ever since The Ghost and the Goth and wondering how it'll ever work between a ghost and a human. I finally got my answer in Body & Soul. Still, it's kind of weird. When Will and Alona kiss, technically it's Will and Lily kissing. It's true you got to make the best of what you got, but still, it's...weird. I loved how Will changed in Body & Soul. He's not afraid anymore. He stands up to his mother (even though he still loves her) and takes Alona's long given advice to stand up for himself in front of the ghosts. Remember, he's the only one that can help you, so he's in charge. You don't want to anger him. It's surprising (well, not really) how much Alona changed throughout the series. She goes from bitchy queen bee cheerleader to a decent-girl-who-doesn't-care-about-her-social-status-whatsoever. That's a huge step, especially for someone like Alona. Alona also cares about others now ever since she lived with Lily's family, a great new trait she developed. However, she doesn't want to admit that she loves everyone after how her parents and "friends" treated her, but hopefully Will can change that. Now Erin. I don't think she deserved the light at all. Sure, she was stuck on Earth because of her brother's guilt, but with all the wicked things she did without a second thought, she doesn't deserve the light at all. Some problems I wanted to be address, but wasn't, was Alona's parents. So, she just gave up on them and accepted Lily's parents as her real parents? I wish that there was some closure over that topic. Another problem that wasn't addressed was what if another ghost tried taking over Lily's body? Will and Alona are sure to meet more ghosts that want to be alive again like Erin. More ghosts that can snag Lily's body. How will they solve that problem? Overall, The Ghost and the Goth series is an awesome, unforgettable series well worth the read. If you want a fun and hilarious read, I recommend you to give the series a try. ohdamnbooks: body & soul