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Ascend: Trylle Trilogy Book 3 (Trylle Novels)

Ascend  - Amanda Hocking My Rating: 2.5 Okay, I can sum Ascend up all in one word: disappointing. Wait, no, scratch that, I mean a huge disappointment. I didn't even get through the book without yawning multiple times, until I finally gave up and just skimmed the rest, stopping at occasional parts of the book. I wouldn't even mind if I didn't read Ascend at all after reading two-thirds of the book. Don't get me wrong, Ascend is readable, but I wouldn't re-read it if I had a choice. Luckily, I never brought the Trylle Trilogy even though I was tempted to because of the beautiful covers. The ultimate battle in Ascend was too quick (and seriously, beheading Oren in just two pages? Can't Amanda Hocking come up with a better idea to kill him off and a lengthier one at that?) and I still didn't feel for Wendy and Loki's relationship. A warning to young readers/young fans of the Trylle Trilogy: There are mature scenes in Ascend. It's out of nowhere and really not needed; I was surprised when it appeared. (Does Amanda Hocking really have to add a sex scene between Wendy and Loki, because it doesn't make the book any more interesting.) The only thing I enjoyed in Ascend was Wendy and Elora's growing mother-daughter relationship. In Switched, Elora was a cold and calculating person, expecting Wendy to know everything about the kingdom already and how to act like a proper princess. In Ascend, on the other hand, it was revealed that Elora regretted every moment apart from Wendy and wasted her life force just to draw out what Wendy was doing during the years they were apart. The only reason why Elora was cold to Wendy in the first place was because she knew that they wouldn't have much time together to get to know each other the first place. It's pretty sad that I won't get to see their relationship develop on any further. My final thoughts on the Trylle Trilogy: Switched was awesome and well worth the read. Torn isn't as good and is disappointing. Ascend is the worse book in the trilogy and just doesn't satisfy me. ohdamnbooks: ascend