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Ten Tiny Breaths

Ten Tiny Breaths  - K.A. Tucker My Rating: 4.0 I'll admit it - when I first started Ten Tiny Breaths, I was prepared to be not at all impressed with the book. Why? Well, hyped-up books had burned me more than once and with the huge hype surrounding Ten Tiny Breaths, I suspected I would not be impressed by a hyped-up book, again. I was dead wrong. Ten Tiny Breaths was intense, powerful, and one addicting ride. I'm used to having things under control. I fight to stay numb. That's how I get through each day and it's worked well for me. Until now. Now Trent has edged into my life and I can't focus. (ARC 76) I could not put Ten Tiny Breaths down, even though I was supposed to be studying for my final. Ten Tiny Breaths was 100% gripping and addicting, with perfect little snippets of humor to bring some comic relief. I wanted to learn more about Kacey's story, what she had to go through, and how she dealt with it all. I wanted to find out what the "explosive secret [that] could shatter both [Kacey and Trent's] worlds" was. I simply wanted more. The instant attraction between Kacey and Trent was a setback; it was a bit unbelievable to me. When Kacey first met Trent, she completely froze up and became an idiot instead of the headstrong, furious girl we saw in the beginning. After her first conversation with Trent, all Kacey could mostly think about was Trent and his blue eyes and dimples. She barely even knew him. It didn't really sit well with me, although I was happy that Kacey could somewhat easily trust Trent and let him into her life. He stops what he's doing to glance over his shoulder, blazing eyes leveling me with a look that makes me want to do things to him, for him, with him. His attention drags down the length of my body, unashamed. This guy is a contradiction. One second sweet, the next second brazen. A mind-blowing hot contradiction. (ARC 21, 22) I saw the ultimate twist that the summary hinted at coming from a mile away. However, to my shock, I still cried when the big reveal happened, even though I was completely prepared for what was to come. It's amazing that K.A. Tucker could do that, getting me so invested with the characters that I hurt for them even though I was expecting it to happen. And Trent. He is such a conflicting character to me. I still can't decide what to feel about Trent. What he did was twisted and disgusting, but at the same time, I can understand why he did the thing he did. But still, so many things could have not worked out! Why would he do that, just why? (You don't have to answer the question, I know why, but that doesn't make it any better, does it?) I was somewhat surprised to learn that Ten Tiny Breaths had really mature content, even though I know that it's a new adult book. Ten Tiny Breaths talked about sex (and, of course, there are several sex scenes in the book) and erections. It took some getting used to because most new adult books I've read smooths over the sex scenes and doesn't talk about erections. Am I going to check out the next book in the series, One Tiny Lie? Highly likely. The synopsis has me intrigued and the fact that it's told from Livie's point of view is a huge plus. (Also, who is this Ashton?) Do I recommend Ten Tiny Breaths? Definitely. If the cover can't convince you to read it, then let me tell you this: The hype isn't lying. For once. Effortlessly Reading: Ten Tiny Breaths