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In Bed with a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy #1)

In Bed with a Highlander - Maya Banks My Rating: 4.0 Maya Banks continues to amaze me again and again with her sweet stories and relatable characters with their individual funny quirks. In fact, Maya Banks managed to make me tear up in a certain part of In Bed With A Highlander.Mairin is a character you'll grow to love, although at times she may be too much for you to handle. She voices her thoughts outloud without noticing, is fiercely protective of children and the people she consider are hers, and is a (rightly) bloodthirsty woman. I understand her hardship on finding the right man for her due to the amount of power she has. I'm glad I'm not born into that position. Ewan has his own quirks as well. He orders Mairin to do impossible stuff (how can you order someone to trust you or not die when they can't help it?) and the way he cares for his son is so freaking adorable. If you want a cute fluffy read, then In Bed With A Highlander is the book for you. ohdamnbooks: in bed with a highlander