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Unlocked (The Turner Series, Book 1.5)

Unlocked (Turner, #1.6) - Courtney Milan My Rating: 2.5/5.0Unlocked is a novella, so it's a fairly very short book. Because of the length, I felt a lot of things were missing, one of the main things being how quickly Elaine fell for Evan even after more than three years of nasty bullying. Nine months had passed (a huge time jump that wasn't covered in Unlocked) ever since he apologized and revealed his feelings for her. In those short nine months, she fell for him too. There friendship during those nine months wasn't covered, so when they finally got together, I felt that something in their relationship was missing. Unlocked was an okay read, nothing unique or special. It didn't tug on my heartstrings, probably because I read tons of books with a very similar plot to Unlocked. ohdamnbooks: unlocked