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Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits - My Rating: 3.5 When I heard from multiple people that Pushing the Limits was beyond good, I was skeptical. With a revealing young adult cover like that, can a book really be that good? The summary also made it sound like a simple good-girl falls for bad-boy kind of book, but once I actually read the novel, it was totally different, in a good way. Echo and Noah both have some not so pretty secrets. Echo has a deeply repressed memory about her mother that caused those deep harmful scars on her arms, and when forced to remember that moment, she can break and become insane. Noah has to prove everyone wrong and win custody of his two little brothers from the foster care system. Together, with the problems they face, Echo and Noah both somehow understand each other and they just click. A character that really angered me was Grace, and somewhat Natalie. I don't understand why Echo would want to keep Grace as a friend; who would want a friend that will only "like" you and hang out with you if you're doing the "right" thing by hanging out with the "right" crowd and dating the "right" guy? Who cares about reputation; true friendship is someone who sticks by your side through the thick and thin, not for your public image. And oh my god. Did I mention that Pushing the Limits made me cry? On the train? During rush hour? I had to sneak wipe tears as more tears leaked out before anyone caught me crying on the subway and thought I was a lunatic. (Kill me now.) Echo's story was so sad that it pulled on my heartstrings (especially the part where she discovered her father and Ashley's betrayal. And when she thought absolutely no one loved her.) I also felt so bad for Noah. If Pushing the Limits was so good, you ask, than why did I give it a rating of three-point-five instead of say, four-point-five? Well, my answer to that question is that the beginning of the book just pulled me in, but the ending seemed somehow unfinished to me. Some part of the puzzle was missing and I just don't know what it is. Some parts of the Pushing the Limits also seemed a little too overdone for me. Baby, siren, seductress, and nymph was used way too much in Noah's narration to describe Echo. Every time he thinks using one of those words, I think dang man, you got it bad. I will definitely read the next book, Dare You To, because 1) The first chapter is so damn good and 2) Who is this Ryan that took Beth from Isaiah?! I want answers! ohdamnbooks: pushing the limits