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Everbound: An Everneath Novel

Everbound: An Everneath Novel - Want to win a SIGNED copy of Everbound + swag. Click here to enter. My Rating: 4.5 Everneath is my most favorite book read and released in 2012 and I absolutely couldn't wait until Everbound came out. Sadly, I never managed to get an ARC of Everbound and I thought I'll get my own copy of Everbound on January 22 - it's release date - until I saw a copy sitting there in Strandbooks, new condition, for $9.00 (that's half price off!), three weeks before its release date. You should have seen me squealing in excitement and quickly snagging the book off the shelves before anyone else could get it. But enough about that. Everbound was exactly how I remembered Everneath to be: sad, but exciting; adventurous, yet dangerous. Before I started Everbound, I was worried that I wouldn't get into it because I read Everneath near the date when it was first released (which is about a year ago). I was planning to re-read Everneath a week before Everbound's release date to be prepared for it, but I wasn't expecting to get a finished copy of Everbound so early (not that I'm complaining). I didn't have to worry, Brodi Ashton managed to give mini-recaps of the events that happened in Everneath without any info-dumping. It was all natural and fits in and goes with the flow. The world of the Everneath wasn't what I was expecting at all. I was expecting something a bit more like Hade's version of the Underworld (it is a retelling of Persephone after all) with hell and fire and all that, but for the Everneath to be an entirely new world that just works with cheesy names and elements is amazing. What I loved about Everneath was how Brodi Ashton managed to weave memories of Jack into the book so naturally. She does the same in Everbound (although not as much), and every time I get to a part where Nikki is reminiscing about her moments with Jack, I couldn't help but feel a huge smile grow on my face. However, we don't really see a lot of Jack in Everbound, but more Cole. Cole is a really conflicting character to me. In Everneath, I was strictly on Jack's side. However, Everbound shows depths of Cole's character that we never knew before. Let's just say I'm on team whoever-makes-Nikki-happy now. And oh my goodness. That ending. What?! Why?! What?! Where is the next book?! Yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings. January 2014, please come faster (and it's not January 2013 yet!) As a side note, I'm sure people who were not really fans of Everneath due to the lack of action will really enjoy reading Everbound. There's tons of more action and less flashbacks.ohdamnbooks: everboundJanuary 2013?! Why such a long wait? And OMG, the cover! -faints-