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Timeless - Alexandra Monir My Rating: 4.5 I'll admit, the cover of Timeless doesn't really look too appealing to me. At first glance, I was like ew, I would never read this book. However, when I first joined goodreads and saw that many people adored this book, I decided to give this book a try. Timeless has all the time traveling cliche stuff without it being boring, dull, or overly draggy. Michele meets the love of her life - Phillip Walker - when she travels back in time to 1910 using her father's key. Although Michele had met Phillip in her dreams, he had met her when he was a teenager. Michele and Phillip got together, only to be broken apart when Michele finds out that she never sees him for sixteen years in the future, causing Phillip to write a suicide note and disappear. Determined to change the past, Michele breaks it off explaining why, and then ventures back in time to see if Phillip will keep his promise. In the end, Michele meets fifty-something (not sure what age exactly) year old Phillip and finds out he kept their promise to stay alive and share his music. A bit sad that Phillip was with someone else despite what they felt for each other, Michele travels back to 2010 only to find teenage Phillip enrolled in her school, keeping his promise: I will find a way back to you. No matter what, I promise. Timeless ends just like that, with a major cliffhanger that left my jaw hanging wide open. Thank god there were no flies hanging around. The most shocking thing about Michele and Phillip's whole relationship was Michele was named after Phoenix Warren, who was Phillip's alias, music piece, Michele. However, Phillip wrote Michele after he met Michele. This is a mind-blow concept, not knowing which event happened first. What I loved the most about Timeless was the history behind it. Although I live in New York where the book took place, I didn't know half the things that were described when Michele traveled back in time and saw the old New York a couple of times during different time periods. I can't wait for Timekeeper, the next book in the series, to come out. Will Michele and Phillip finally be together? Is he used to the modern world? Will Michele find the truth about her father?Hopefully Timekeeper would be as good (or better) than the first. ohdamnbooks: timeless