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League of Strays

League of Strays - L.B. Schulman My Rating: 1.0 Whenever anyone brings up League of Strays anywhere on goodreads, they were constantly warned with, "don't read the book, it has gay bashing in it." That got me curious. Did the author purposely write it that way or did she unknowingly not know that people will think of her book that way (since I believe no author would want her book constantly hated on). That got me to read League of Strays to find out myself without being influenced by other people's opinions. Let me start this review with I read the entire book from page to page and never skimmed any parts of it. I personally believe that the author never intended that bullying scene to be viewed as a scene bashing gay people. I do not believe that L.B. Schulman meant to promote gay bashing either. However, what I did get from the book was the feeling that Charlotte was afraid or even disgusted of gay people for being who they are, and for that, I do not improve. One thing most people talk about is the whole idea of the book - what's the point of bullying the people who bullied you? Doesn't that make you a bully yourself? Hey, if you were in that position, you'll never know what you'll do. There are also tons of other books with that kind of concept, Burn for Burn being one, but I don't see that book being complained about for its concept. I get that people hate the book, but please find logical reasons to hate it instead of hating it for every single thing it contains? Now to talk about Charlotte - is it a wonder that she never made any friends? She is one of the most shallow characters I've ever read about, ever. The only reason she stayed in the League the first place even though she didn't approve of what they did is because she thinks Kade is hot. That thought controls her entire brain. That's all she talks about, and hell, thinks about when the subject of the League comes up. It totally disgusts me that someone can only care about someone else's looks as the person gets arrested and dragged away. Charlotte, there's something majorly wrong with you if you were happy with relief when someone else gets physically abused just so no one would know what you did. That's just sick. Charlotte also doesn't know how good her life is. She complains about how her parents are so overprotective and intense. Hey Charlotte, would you rather have Zoe's drunk mother, who gets drunk all the time and relays on her daughter to take care of her and pay the bills? And of course your mother will ask you how your viola lessons are going, she's paying for it and has the right to know if you're attending the classes in case she gets ripped off. Ever think of that Charlotte? Be happy you have a parent that rugs up your jeans for you since you guys can't afford to buy those expensive rugged up jeans. Be thankful she cares. And a totally random comment - the cover doesn't look as good as it did online. The guy's gaze is plain scary and creepy, the girl is wearing too much pale eyeshadow, and that guy's hair...Yeah, I think I said enough.ohdamnbooks: league of strays