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All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill My Rating: 4.5 Guys, this book. This book! You must read this said book! I love everything about it: the title, the cover, the story, the execution, the characters, the everything, and I don't say this lightly. All Our Yesterdays is honestly better than I had expected and I'm so happy that it is. While reading All Our Yesterdays, I experienced a variety of emotions, ranging from shock to anger, happiness to misery, and conflicted to stunned. There wasn't a single moment where I was emotionless and bored, counting down the pages until I finished the book. No, while I was reading All Our Yesterdays, I was completely and totally invested in it. Instead, I tiptoe to the second window and peer inside.What I see stops my heart. (ARC 146) I like how Cristin Terrill didn't explain everything in the first half of the book and left us, the reader, to figure things out ourselves: What had happened, what's the situation now, who we should trust, and who plays what part in the story. The way Cristin Terill executed her book made the story more exciting and it continuingly kept me guessing, trying to figure out what was what and what had happened when. However, I can see every single plot twist Cristin Terrill had thrown at me coming. Surprisingly, even though I easily predicted a variety of plot twists in All Our Yesterdays, it did not effect my enjoyment of the book in any way whatsoever. Sure, I already knew everything that was going to happen, but the way Cristin Terrill executed it managed to catch my attention and keep it in a way without boring me or slowing the book down. "I've been thinking about that," I say. "We need to be there for January fourth. Four years ago."Silence."Really?" (ARC 17) I also love Cristin Terill's version of time traveling. Her idea was unique and have never been done before. In addition, All Our Yesterday's version of time travel is different than all the other time traveling books I've read before - in All Our Yesterdays, time traveling is not actually linear as people think. That, however, will cause tons of paradoxes in time. To prevent paradoxes in time, time freezes certain events to prevent them from being changed. I know this all sounds confusing, but when you read the actual book, it all makes sense. "How do you get back to your time?" Connor asks.Finn glances at me before answering. "We don't." (ARC 64) So guys, listen to me: When All Our Yesterdays is released in September, get your hands on it asap. It is that good. I will definitely be stalking Barnes & Noble for it until it's up on the shelves. I also don't have to say that I will definitely recommend it to everyone, right? Before I end my review, I have to say this: I love Finn. Where can I find someone like him? Effortlessly Reading: All Our Yesterdays