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Truly, Madly, Deadly

Truly, Madly, Deadly - Hannah Jayne My Rating: 3.0 When I first saw the summary of Truly, Madly, Deadly, I knew that the book was made/written especially for me. A book about an accident, which really turns out to be murder caused by a mysterious admirer? Sign me up! Unfortunately, even though Truly, Madly, Deadly had a beyond awesome premise that I was extremely interested and excited to read about, it sadly failed to deliver for several reasons. First of all, there was the insta-love. You guys should know by now how I feel about insta-love right? I honestly wasn't expecting any romance in Truly, Madly, Deadly because Sawyer's ex-boyfriend Kevin had just died, but surprise surprise, there was romance in the book. The relationship between Sawyer and Cooper didn't feel real and I wasn't sold with their romance at all. They got together so quickly and got serious so quickly. Yes, no "I love yous" were exchanged from both Sawyer and Cooper, but their relationship gave off that "very serious" vibe where you can feel a "I love you" coming, even though it wasn't put in actual words. "Does this make me look stupid?" he said with a slight smile.Sawyer nodded, grinning. "Stupid." She fell into him, feeling him hesitate for a beat before wrapping his arms tightly around her. "And sexy." (ARC 261) And Sawyer. I didn't really like her. That girl lacks guts. Yes, I know, she was emotionally hurt and traumatized from all the abuse her ex-boyfriend Kevin caused her (I don't think this is really a spoiler because the goodreads summary reveals this fact), but Sawyer still has to stand up for herself and speak up for herself! She just let others bully her, takes it, and doesn't do anything about it. Sawyer just kept it to herself. I don't know how many times I mentally screamed at her in my mind to grow some guts and fight back. Sadly, she doesn't change in the end, aka there was no character development. "You - you did."She tried to force what happened to the forefront of her mind, but already it was slipping behind the haze of self-doubt. (ARC 44) I had two major, major problems with Truly, Madly, Deadly, the first one being why did the killer reveal himself/herself as the one who did everything? He/she was in absolutely no danger in being found out. The whole situation revolving the killer was flabbergasting. It's like bam, the killer reveals himself/herself as the killer for no reason, then a mini-fight, the very short aftermath, and then the end. The ending felt so abrupt and left me feeling empty and unsatisfied. The other thing I have a major problem with is that so many things were left out because of the abrupt ending. [HUGE] SPOILER: Where was the realization/acceptance that the killer is in fact a serial killer? (This is important to me for some reason.) When will Sawyer finally realize that she didn't deserve her dead boyfriend's abuse? Will people ask why the killer killed Ryan (aka will Ryan's abuse of Sawyer be revealed?) When will everyone know that Mr. Hanson is indeed a pedophile? Where is the scene where everyone apologizes to Sawyer for misunderstanding/accusing her for things she hasn't done? Honestly, now that I think about it, there's nothing I really like about Truly, Madly, Deeply except for the promising premise that didn't live up to my (hopefully not that high) standards. The execution of the book could have been so much better and that just makes me sad. Overall, I'm sad to say that Truly, Madly, Deadly was a disappointing read. It could have been so much better, especially with that unique and awesome premise, but it just sadly failed to deliver. Effortlessly Reading: Truly, Madly, Deadly