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Spellcaster - Claudia Gray My Rating: 2.5 I'm a huge fan of Claudia Gray's standalone, Fateful (I mean, where else could you read about the Titanic and werewolves together?), but not her Evernight series, which focused on vampires. Spellcaster is focused on witches, which you can easily tell from the title alone. I'll be honest - I would have probably not have read Spellcaster if it wasn't for its beautiful cover. The first thing you need to know about Spellcaster is that it's a slow, but enjoyable read. Why is it slow? Well, there are absolutely no surprises or any form of suspense for the reader throughout the book, although there could easily be some if Claudia Gray wrote the book differently. Spellcaster is told from the third person omniscient point of view, where the narrator knows everyone's thoughts, but only focuses on one particular person per section. It also didn't help that the narrator allowed us to know what was also going on from the enemy's point of view, because by then, we know whose evil, what he/she is up to, why he/she is doing the things they are doing, and what he/she is planning to do next. Bone through fleshSomething shattered to the sound of a screamThe destruction of a thing beloved (307) Spellcaster is told from multiple points of views, as you can conclude from what I said above. To be more specific, Spellcaster is told from six different point of views, including one told from a bird's point of view. (Yes, it's surprisingly possible.) Unlike most people, I love reading books with multiple point of views because then, I can understand all the characters better and learn why they do the things they do. However, for Spellcaster, all the character's voices kind of blend together after reading it for awhile. Besides the main characteristic and role that sets all the characters apart, all the characters think in the same way. Terror so great it paralyzes.Hope so desperate it aches.Courage so strong it survives. (43) I love reading about Claudia Gray's creative version of witches. Instead of just gathering objects, chanting, and stirring potions, the witches Claudia Gray created depend on their memories. To be more specific, in order to cast a spell, a witch has to call upon their memories and the emotions that emerge from their memories. It can't be any memory - there are guidelines, like a memory that shows the "loyalty beyond life." (page 84) And just in case you're wondering, all the quotes in this review are the required memories Nadia needs to cast a certain spell. The sight of something wondrous, never before seen.The breaking of a bond that should never have been broken.Cold beyond desolation.Loyalty beyond life. (84) Spellcaster was strictly a three-star rating book for me...until I reached the end of the book. The ending of Spellcaster was a huge disappointing. Nothing gets resolved, there was just this one epic battle, if you can even call it that, towards the end of the book, and then the book ends with an epilogue that doesn't really tell you anything new or give you any closure. To make matters worse, Nadia and her friends were worse off than they were originally in the beginning of the book; nothing was solved, except the fact that they know what is wrong with Captive Sound and who is the one responsible for it. I kind of feel cheated for reading Spellcaster, enjoying it, and then only to find out the book ended on such a disappointing note. Love unbreakable.Hatred implacable.Hope eternal. (368)Overall, Spellcaster was an okay read, but it could have been better overall. I'm not sure if I'm going to read the sequel; I'm afraid that the book would make me invest in it, only to leave me hanging in the worse possible way again. Maybe I'll continue the rest of the series when all the books in the series comes out, I don't know. Effortlessly Reading: Spellcaster