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Over You

Over You - Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin My Rating: 2.0 Not that I never knew this already, but I learned again, today, that one; never trust pretty covers and two; a pretty cover and a plot that sounds amazing is too good to be true. Way too good to be true. That pretty much covers my unflattering opinion of Over You. Lets start with the narration. Over You is told from the third person point of view, which sounds really awkward and just plain bad. There was also lots of long confusing sentences that sounds grammatically incorrect, but you can't be sure. Here's the first sentence: "An early fall leaf loosens from a tree and blows into Max's jacket, fluttering down and getting crushed beneath the toe of her platform pump as she strides down the sidewalk purposefully to her next case." What a mouth-full. Also, in random parts of chapters in Over You, other random character's thoughts suddenly appears. It's really confusing when you're reading a chapter based on Max's point of view, and then suddenly, two paragraphs from Ben's point of view appears. The romance was also dry. I didn't love or like Ben and Hugo had such few scenes that it was like a joke. I didn't like Ben in particular. He thought Max had a boyfriend and so he hangs out with a group of girls, gets kissed by one of them, and goes back talking to Max, then kissing her without telling her what he did. What is that? I'm definitely not trying any books written by the two authors who wrote Over You. Next time, I'm going to avoid all the book advertisements for books like these. ohdamnbooks: over you