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Crescendo (Hush, Hush Saga)

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick My Rating: 2.5 Let me begin my review with this: Hush Hush is a lot better book than Crescendo. I don't know how that is possible, but it is. In fact, I couldn't stand to finish reading Crescendo because it's just so boring and just basically repeats the same plot Hush Hush had. When I first read the blurb, my first thought was interesting. Becca Fitzpatrick might have made the perfect plot by making Patch dump Nora for Marcie and Nora dying to win him back. I was expecting Crescendo to tug on my heartstrings and make me cry for Nora the way the blurb was written. Guess I expected way too much; not only did Crescendo not do that, it made me roll my eyes in horror every single time Nora moans about Patch leaving her when she dumped him. The thing that really put me off first was the beginning where Nora says, "I love you" to Patch. (page 26) Um, excuse me? You've known him and then dated him for two months, where most of the time you knew him, he was deciding whether or not to kill you. And who makes their significant other swear that they will love you forever and never leave you? Answer: Nora Grey. If they really wanted to stay with you forever, they will say that and do that themselves. In fact, the last guy who tried making me swear that I'll be with him forever and never leave him got dumped by me. And then there's the situation of how Nora lets Patch treat her like crap. Lots of people complained about Patch needing restraining order for Nora in Hush Hush and how he's a possessive manipulative stalking freak. I still don't really think so, but I think Nora is a freaking idiot for taking Patch back after he kissed Marcie. If my boyfriend and I broke up, made out, and then I found out that while the time we were broken up he was kissing other girl - he is so out of the door. No exceptions. I don't know how Nora can stand Patch kissing Marcie when she so called "loves" him. One thing that doesn't make sense is Nora's whole family history. I get that Marcie's dad, Hank Millar, is also Nora's real father. But the whole story of Nora's mother and Hank Millar being together, having a kid (Nora), and Hank Millar's best friend, Harrison Grey, marrying Nora's mother, taking care of Nora for Hank, and being Nora's father just doesn't make sense. First of all, how can Nora's mother agree to that kind of thing and not ask any questions? She bares a child with someone and is asked to marry that man's best friend to take care of their child? And I understand that Harrison Grey and Hank Millar are so called best friends during their four years in college, but to take care of a kid that isn't yours and marry a woman you don't love? What? And what's with Nora's sudden obsession over missing her dad? Nora only mentions her dad a couple of very few times in Hush Hush, but in Crescendo, she's obsessing over him and suddenly determined to find out why he died. If Becca Fitzpatrick hinted about Nora's obsession of her dad in Hush Hush a little more, then it might be more believable. What I found funny and ironic was the iron pills. It only got mentioned once in the entire book and this time, Becca Fitzpatrick didn't mention how important it was for Nora to take them and what the dire consequences are like if Nora didn't take them like she did in Hush Hush. In fact, Nora doesn't even take them once in the entire book. I personally think that Becca Fitzpatrick finally did some actual research on iron pills and discovered that not taking them will not get you blurry vision, dizziness, or kill you and changed it in Crescendo. I also found Nora's and Marcie's bar fight hilarious. Nora tells Patch she has absolutely no clue why Marcie hates her so much and how their feud started the first place. Then, at the bar fight, Marcie gave Nora a black eye because "This is for stealing Tod Berot from me in fifth grade." (page 169) Did Nora accidentally forget that little detail when she was telling Patch why she has no idea why Marcie hates her? Man, if any girl steals any of my crushes/boyfriend away from me, I'll be hating on them for years and making their life miserable like how Marcie did to Nora. I really don't know what to say about Becca Fitzpatrick. I enjoyed Hush Hush and Patch's quirks in Hush Hush, but Crescendo is really not for me. ohdamnbooks: crescendo