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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1)

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden Series #1) - My Rating: 4.0 I never thought I'll like any book Julie Kagawa wrote after reading The Iron King and being all blah about it, and man, did The Immortal Rules prove me wrong. It was enticing, spellbinding, and fantastic. I almost missed my train stop because I was so into the book. In fact, The Immortal Rules convinced me to give the Iron Fey series another chance. When an author can get me to really hate a character in their book just from the first chapter, I automatically know it'll be a good book. That's what The Immortal Rules did for me. I knew Stick was a terrible person the moment we met him. In fact, I silently urged Allie to leave Stick alone so he can go rot and die. His betrayal proved me right. Hopefully we'll meet Stick again in the next book and he'll somehow die. Ruth was a character I could understand, but hated anyway. I know how it feels to see the person you loved be interested in another girl, a girl that seems different. You wonder what you're missing, what the other girl has that made him choose her over you. However, the way Ruth always acts couldn't make me like her any much than my sympathy for her. Ruth could have gone and be the bigger person, but no, she comes off as the whiny snob. And Allie. At the beginning, she came off so strong. However, once she met Zeke and her crew, all I wanted to do was scream at her since she majorly softened. Leave them alone! Go out by yourself and survive! I understand why she did the things she did, but still. I have to give it to her though, Allie is one tough gal. I have to give major credits to Julie Kagawa to pull off a book on vampires in a dystopian world. I would have thought the book would be something lame; humans have to survive in a harsh world from vampire takeover or something similar to that. Instead, Julie Kagawa gave The Immortal Rules her own unique twist, and boy, did it work. Not to mention, Julie Kagawa decided to add her own unique vampire trait twist: When vampires cry, they cry blood. It certainly explains the cover. However, the only thing I strongly dislike about the cover is that Allie Sekemoto is of Japanese descent while the cover certainly doesn't apply that. Now that I'm done with my review, all I have to say is I will definitely definitely definitely check out the next book in the series. ohdamnbooks: the immortal rules