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Catching Jordan

Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally My Rating: 4.5 To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from Catching Jordan. I've never read much books with romance mixed with a girl that plays football, but Catching Jordan was something I've never expected, in a good way. The book may look short, but it sure contained tons of action and romance. The summary doesn't do the book any justice. Jordan Woods is a high school senior quarterback for her football team and has one goal: to get into the University of Alabama on a full scholarship to play football. However, there are several problems: her father, a famous football player, doesn't support her because he thinks it's too dangerous for a girl to play football and Ty, a hot guy from Texas, moved in and might take her quarterback position from her. Not to mention the fact that Jordan also likes him. After getting together with Ty, Jordan learns that her best friend Henry has feelings for her all along. Now Jordan has to decide who's the right guy for her, deal with jealous cheerleaders, and manage to win a scholarship to the University of Alabama, if that is even the right school for her. I had trouble with names in this book, specifically Sam and Henry. At first, Sam and Henry was mentioned in the book as Jordan's best friend. Friend. Singular. So I was like what? Turns out a couple pages later, I learned that Sam and Henry was the same person (I guess guys speak that way) and Henry was Sam's last name. Then everything made sense again. One problem I had with this book was right after Ty and Jordan got together, they immediately slept together. They only knew each other for about a month and never really had the chance to get to know each other. When I got up to the part where they slept together, I was like what, already? How long have they known each other? It also doesn't help that Ty felt a little flat for me. He was just the strong over-protective cute guy that also happened to like Jordan and nothing more. I felt that Ty was just there mainly written for Jordan to fall in love with. I absolutely can't wait to read Miranda Kenneally's next book, Stealing Parker, where I heard that Jordan would appear. Hey, maybe I'll see more of Jordan and Henry being hot and awesome together! ohdamnbooks: catching jordan