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Half-Blood (Covenant Series #1)

Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout My Rating: 2.0 I'll start my review with this: If you've read Vampire Academy, stay away from Half-Blood if you don't want to read the same thing. Likewise, if you've read Half-Blood, stay away from Vampire Academy. Otherwise, you'll be basically reading the same book. When I heard that Half-Blood was like Vampire Academy, I didn't realize how much it was like Vampire Academy until now, when I actually read it. About 90% of Half-Blood was taken straight from Vampire Academy, making me feel like I was reading Vampire Academy all over again. The worse part was that I read Vampire Academy only a week ago, so I recognized every single thing that Half-Blood took from Vampire Academy. It got so frustrating that I wanted to stop reading Half-Blood in anger because it was like I was reading Vampire Academy all over again. I was going to make it - I had to make it. I'd be super-pissed in the afterlife if I died a virgin in this craphole."Little half-blood, where are you running to?" (ARC 2) I don't even know where to start with the similarities. Half-bloods are basically dhampirs from Vampire Academy, pures are Morois, and daimons are basically Strigoi. Pures can control the four elements like Morois could and only Apollyons can control the fifth element, which is bascially called Spirit in Vampire Academy. Like Morois in Vampire Academy, the pures in Half-Blood also have the power of compulsion. The Covenant is basically St. Vladimir's Academy. Mia from Vampire Academy is Lea in Half-Blood, but unlike Vampire Academy, Lea and Alex doesn't have any good reason to hate one another. They just do. Pures weren't supposed to use compulsions on halfs who weren't in servitude; it was considered highly unethical since compulsions stripped people of free will, choice, and everything. (ARC 10) The scene where Alex's ability to kill two daimons without training resulted her staying in the Covenant? That's like the scene where Rose's bond with Lissa allowed her to stay in St. Vladimir's Academy. The scene where Alex confronted Lea in front of everyone? Yeah, that's like the scene where Rose had confronted Jesse in front of everyone. The scene where Alex has to kill the one she loves? Yep, that's the scene where Rose had to kill the one she loves. The scene where Alex was fighting with Kain? That is like the scene where Rose was fighting with Natalie. There were so many scenes that Half-Blood took from Vampire Academy that it made me feel ill. To make matters worse, Alex looks very similar to Rose: they both have long dark hair and is both curvier than other people. Alex's forbidden love with Aiden? Yeah, that's Rose's forbidden love with Dimitri. Both Rose and Alex share the same loud, reckless personality and gets physical when they get mad. And to make things even funnier, Alex' mother's name is Rachelle. (Reminds you of Richelle Mead anyone?) What can I say? I cleaned up nicely.With all the dirty and overall grossness gone, I looked just like my mom. Long dark hair fell down my back; I had those high cheekbones and full lips most pures did. I was a bit curvier than Mom's willowy frame and I didn't have her amazing eyes. Mine were brown, homely old brown. (ARC 17) Obsidian, Jennifer L. Armentrout's other work, was a lot like Twilight, but not to the very high extent that Half-Blood is like Vampire Academy. This factor definitely ruined my enjoyment of reading Half-Blood. Half-Blood wasn't all bad. I have to give it this: it was a bit entertaining. I enjoyed reading about the whole Apollyon situation, even though I saw that plot twist coming from a mile away. He was the first Apollyon - the only half-blood with the ability to control the elements and use the same kind of compulsion the pures could use on mortals.In other words, the Apollyon was one big, badass of a half-blood. (ARC 86) It's sad that I didn't enjoy reading Half-Blood. If Jennifer L. Armentrout had stuck to her own ideas instead of copying Richelle Mead's work, Half-Blood will definitely get a higher rating. At least the whole Apollyon thing in Half-Blood isn't like Vampire Academy at all. Hopefully Jennifer L. Armentrout will focus on the Apollyon aspect instead of copying more of Vampire Academy. Will I recommend Half-Blood? I don't know; I really don't know. If you want to read a book very similar to Vampire Academy, then Half-Blood is the perfect book for you. However, if you prefer books with originality, then you should definitely skip Half-Blood. Effortlessly Reading: Half-Blood