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The Last Princess

The Last Princess - Galaxy Craze My Rating: 2.5 I had high hopes for The Last Princess, starting with its breathtaking cover. It's gorgeous. Just look at it. The front cover shows a girl watching over a castle with the clouds in shades of blue, purple, and orange. The back cover shows the same castle burning and half destroyed. Who can resist checking out a book with a cover like that? The plot also sounded good enough - A dystopian novel where a princess' brother and sister was captured and she is the only hope on saving them. Along the way, the princess joins the enemy ranks in disguise and falls in love. The thing is I like the book, but it just doesn't have that certain element where I can fall in love with this book and give it a higher rating. The flow of The Last Princess wasn't my style - at some parts of the book had a fast pace, others, not so much. The Last Princess started off good enough, but then grew dull until I finally just skimmed the rest of the book after getting two-thirds through. One of the things that bothered me was that several things in the book just didn't make sense. Let's start with the beginning. When Cornelius Hollister raided the castle with his army and was about to shoot Eliza, her father blocked him and was killed instead. Cornelius Hollister was still in front of Eliza, can kill her at any moment, but suddenly Mary, Eliza's older sister, was by her side, dragging Eliza away? Couldn't Cornelius Hollister kill them both right then and there? And what happened to him in that scene anyway? It's like he killed the king, and suddenly poof!, he's disappeared. Another thing that bothered me was when Eliza first escaped and was looking around for some warm clothes to wear. She meets a couple of starving people searching through garbage dumps - who obviously didn't have enough for themselves as pointed out with their worn broken shoes - but when Eliza asks, they give her bundles of clothes that they obviously needed for themselves? What is that? In situations like those, normal people would rather care for themselves than give their valuables away. And why did Cornelius Hollister kill off millions of people and destroy everything after taking over England? It just doesn't make sense. He's finally in power and has everything he wanted and started mass-killing people, Hitler style. Not to mention that the Seventeen Days storm destroyed nearly everything - crops, cars, the oil supply, etc., and Cornelius is just recklessly destroying everything again. I'm just like -blink in disbelief- what the heck is happening here? The love interest, Wesley, didn't appeal to me either. When he first appeared (seeing Eliza hiding in her brother's closet during the night of the raid but not giving her away to the other soldiers), I automatically knew that he'll be Eliza's love interest. The thing is, I don't get what they see in each other, especially Wesley's love for Eliza. It's like out of nowhere, they fall in love after knowing each other for less than a week. I simply can't believe in such a quick fall-in-love story. And Wesley's role in the revolution? I saw that a mile away. (Hell, how did I know that his dad was Cornelius Hollister?) Maybe if Galaxy Craze spent a little more time developing Wesley, he'll be a much better character and appeal more to me. There would also be a sequel to The Last Princess, which I don't get. Why should there be a sequel? The book ended happily enough; what else is there that need to be solved? I'm not sure if I'll check out the sequel, but I probably will if I run out of books to read (which would probably be like never.) ohdamnbooks: the last princess