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Once Burned (Night Prince Series #1)

Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost My Rating: 4.0 Okay, I never read a single one of Jeaniene Frost's novels before, and man, after finishing Once Burned I'm slapping myself mentally. How can I have not heard of her?! So many authors have written about vampires, making the subject continually dull, but Jeaniene Frost managed to nail all aspects of what I love in a novel: humor, romance, some blood, and action, along with the vampire. Not one single moment was wasted with me questioning why I was even reading the book. I was anticipating every single moment I had time to read Once Burned. It captured my attention from the very fifth page (yes, I'm that exact) and held it. Thirty pages from the end of the book, my thoughts were torn between I'm almost done already?! to oh my god, how is this going to end? Please don't die on me! I won't say any more in fear of spoiling an awesome book. Oh wow, I just realized that I was going on and on about why Once Burned is so awesome that I didn't note any noteworthy components about it. So here it is. Have you ever heard of a flying vampire that can control fire with his aura? Ever heard of a vampire that has the power to fake his own death? How about a human who got into an accident and can now see the past, present, or future of a certain person when she touches them and can also electrocute them? Do I have to go on? Didn't think so. Now that I'm done with reading Once Burned, I'm off to stalk the Cat and Bones series now. They appear in a short scene in Once Burned and I can tell I'll like them already. ohdamnbooks: once burned