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Tempest Rising

Tempest Rising - Tracy Deebs My Rating: 3.5 My feelings for Tempest Rising is really mixed. I was excited to read the book - I saw Tempest Unleashed's gorgeous cover in Barnes & Noble, found out it was the second book in the Tempest series, and had to read Tempest Rising, the first book in the series, right away. It took me a long week to finally get my hands on the book, and to my disappointment, the beginning of Tempest Rising was not to my taste. But then, it gets better. Tempest Rising is about seventeen year old Tempest torn between her two identities. Tempest is half-human and half-mermaid. The thing that separates Tempest Rising apart from the many other mermaid books out there was that Tempest knew about her identity ever since birth, having seen her mother in her mermaid form before her mother left her family. Tempest will have to choose: stay on land and be with her family and her longtime boyfriend Mark or embrace the ocean, discover its mysteries, and be with Kona. I hated Tempest's attitude toward her mother. Well, not hate exactly since I understood her feelings, but disliked. I know Tempest's mother abandoned their family when Tempest was eleven, but she had her own reasons. Tempest should understand that; she is also strongly drawn to the sea. I understand that Tempest doesn't want to be like her mother, leaving their family behind and never heard from ever again in many years, but Tempest can work out a compromise instead of blaming everything on her mother. Tempest was also irritating when she complains about multiple problems of hers when things doesn't go exactly her way. Her opinions are constantly changing from one moment to the next. One moment, she can't live without Mark in her life. Another moment she's making out with Kona. According to her, everything is about Tempest. The only time I genuinely liked her was when she was caring for her little brothers. If only she could be like that throughout the book. And then there's Mark. I don't really like him. Don't ask me why, I just don't. He's possessive, although at certain parts he had the right to be, but too much clinginess in a guy just makes me cringe. Also at the end (when he wanted to end things with Tempest), I lost all my respect for him. I do not appreciate guys looking around for other girls, especially cheerleaders, when their girlfriend is away for two to three weeks. Hell no. One thing I loved about Tempest Rising was Tracy Deebs not making one of Tempest's love interest that came from the sea a merman since she's a mermaid. Instead, Kona is a selkie. I heard of that term before and when I looked it up on wikipedia, I remembered why: selkies are seal-human creatures. On land, they take their human form. On sea, they wear their seal pelt. If the pelt is ever destroyed, selkies have to stay human forever. Stories of selkies are mainly told in sad fairytales and I'm happy that Tracy Deebs brought selkies into her book. I will check out Tempest Unleashed, since that's the main reason why I've read Tempest Rising. Hopefully Tempest will grow up and be a better person, embracing her destiny. ohdamnbooks: tempest rising