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Defiance - C.J. Redwine My Rating: 4.0 I was looking forward for Defiance to come out ever since I first saw it on goodreads. The main reason why? The stunning gorgeous and shiny cover I was soon to discover when it hit the bookshelves. (Isn't that always my reason why I couldn't wait until a certain book comes out?) That freaking long navy cloak. Where can I get one? However, as I saw people getting ARCs of Defiance and being very disappointed once reading it, I wondered; is reading Defiance worth my time? I'm glad I gave the book a chance anyway. Unlike other books I've read these days, Defiance constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. When I thought things would go a certain way, it never happens, and C.J. Redwine gives readers an unexpected twist. It got so bad that I wanted, begged, myself to skim the end of the book to see if everyone survives, until I finally gave in and did. True, if you really think about it, Defiance's plot is similar to other dystopian books, but the way it's written and keeps readers on edge was what some other dystopian books lacked. A lot of people who gave Defiance one or two star ratings had issues with Logan. I didn't have issues with him, but I also didn't completely like him. Despite all that, I understood him and his position. "You're lucky I'm not wringing your neck." (page 70) Logan says this to Rachel when she tries to escape from Baalboden, threatening both their lives at the same time. He says this out of anger. I can understand that. While I was reading this part, I was saying worse things about Rachel out of anger for just thinking about herself and her life. "I'm pretty sure she just dropped her skirt to the ground and started up the ladder in a pair of skintight pants. Fury overtakes my panic and fuels me. If a guard sees her dressed like that, he own't hesitate to take what he thinks she's freely offering, and then I'll have to kill him." (pages 51-52) Many people, when originally just reading this sentence alone, especially females, will think this sentence is very offensive. However, it makes sense in Defiance. Rachel and Logan live in an oppressed society in Baalboden where every women is assigned a Protector - a male - to look after them. They can never be alone without their Protector or risk death. Females can also be Claimed - where a male and female get together and mate. It just makes sense for this kind of society that oppresses females to think if a female is dressed inappropriately that they're asking for it. It's the same thing in the 1900s in America where a women showing more skin than necessary is offensive. I wish C.J. Redwine would do a little more world-building though. I want to know what time period Defiance is in, although I'm guessing the future. I want to know why, exactly, there is only one Cursed One left. It's a little suspicious if you think about it. I will definitely be checking out Defiance's sequel. ohdamnbooks: defiance