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Dead Beautiful

Dead Beautiful - Yvonne Woon My Rating: 2.5/5.0 I'm a bit iffy about Dead Beautiful. Let's start at the beginning. I first saw Life Eternal on goodreads, gaped at it's gorgeous cover (I swear I have to stop doing that, it's simply not healthy), and saw that it was the sequel to Dead Beautiful. So I just had to read Dead Beautiful. Dead Beautiful was interesting; it captivated me in some parts and bore me in other parts, but there is honestly nothing much to say about it. However, I stopped reading the book at page 197 because of the slow pacing, and honestly, the book just didn't keep my attention. I just skimmed the rest of Dead Beautiful, stopping at the important parts and smacking my head in disbelief.There were so many questions running through my mind as I read: who killed Renee's parents? Is the person who killed Renee's parents also the same person who killed Benjamin Gallow? What is Gideon and Vivian up to? The main question, however, running in my mind throughout the book was what is Dante? A ghost? A zombie? (After skimming through the book, I learned that Dante is an Undead, a person who can take another's soul through a kiss to live longer, but also killing the person he took the soul from.)And the whole idea of what Dante is (I can't mention it or I'll be giving nearly the whole book away), I've heard of the idea before. I don't know where or when, but I know the whole "death kiss" idea has been used before, leaving me very disappointed since I was hoping Dante was something that I've never read about before. When I got to the part where what Dante is was revealed, I was like oh my god. You made me read/skim this much and waste this much of my time just to find out that Dante is some cliche used before creature?! And the rest is history.Unlike other books I've read, I also didn't connect with the main character, namely Renee Winters. She seems like a typical sixteen year old teenage girl: curious and nosy when she finds out something she doesn't know, skeptical at things that simply couldn't be real, whiny when she doesn't get things her way, and drawn to good looking guys just because they look good. Simply, I couldn't care less if Renee died; I just didn't connect with her like characters from other books. She was just there.The romance in Dead Beautiful also left me feeling disappointed. I liked how it started with Renee and Dante first meeting on bad terms, but it just slowly went downhill from there. Renee adores Dante because he's "beautiful" and perfect. Dante is just attracted to Renee the first moment they've met. I didn't even know why they were attracted to each other the first place besides their looks until the last thirty or so pages of the book. (Turns out it's because Dante's soul is in Renee, so it's obvious he'll be attracted to her, ahem, I mean her soul.)The ending of Dead Beautiful was also confusing. Everything happened so fast and I'm just like what? That's what happened? Is that supposed to be some sort of cliffhanger? Since I also have Life Eternal in my hands right now, I think I'll just skim it just to see what happened. I have a feeling I won't be interested enough to read it though. ohdamnbooks: dead beautiful