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Winter Longing

Winter Longing - Tricia Mills My Rating: 3.5 Winter Longing is one of those heartbreaking books which urges you to urge the main character to try her best, give life one more chance, and move on. It's the story of Winter, after finally getting together with her life-long crush Spencer, facing Spencer's death caused by a airplane crash the very next day after their first kiss the night before. Having known each other for many years, Winter deals with her pain with her other best friend Lindsay, a person who knew Spencer even longer than Winter did. Little by little, Winter falls in love with her popular boy neighbor, Jesse, who is there for her to pick up the broken pieces of her heart. Jesse. Some things aren't fully explained about Jesse - mainly my feeling that Jesse starting liking Winter long before she and Spencer got together. How else will it be explained that Jesse suddenly became very nice and caring to Winter after Spencer's death? There's also this hint: "Be nice. Jesse's a good guy." [Spencer] "Just hasn't found the right girl?" [Winter] He looked at me. "Something like that." [Spencer] (page 100) That excerpt left me thinking hey, can Jesse have liked Winter long before Spencer died and Spencer knew it? I liked how Tricia Mills developed Winter and Lindsay's friendship after Spencer's death. I wasn't sure what to expect, will they grow apart once that one strong link (Spencer) between them is gone? I loved how instead of growing apart, Winter and Lindsay began relaying on each other more, and how Lindsay started trusting Winter more and confided her with her deep dark secrets. However, I feel that Lindsay and Caleb's relationship isn't really strongly developed like Winter and Jesse's. When Lindsay and Caleb first saw each other, they seemed interested in each other. However, when the popular group made fun of Lindsay, Caleb did nothing. He didn't stand up for her, apologize for their actions, he simply stood there and watched it happen. Suddenly, after a few pages, Caleb is really into Lindsay, asks her out on a date, and by the time of the Snow Ball, they are deeply in love. I feel like some big piece of their relationship is missing. I think Tricia Mills did an excellent job when she gave us excerpts of Winter and Spencer's time together before each chapter began in the first half of the book. It helped develop the character of Spencer (who only really showed up in the first chapter in Winter's flashbacks) and gave readers insight on why Winter fell very deeply in love with Spencer. Man, I want a Spencer for myself too. ohdamnbooks: winter longing