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The Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices, Book 1)

Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare My Review: 3.0 I was originally not planning on reading Clockwork Angel anytime soon, but with so many of my friends peer pressuring me to, I finally gave in and decided to give the book it a try. I'm not sure if that was the right move to make as I have mixed feelings about Clockwork Angel. Before I start my review, I have to make this clear: I already knew that Cassandra Clare basically recycled her characters from The Mortal Instruments series into The Infernal Devices series before I started reading Clockwork Angel. After finishing Clockwork Angel, I can easily confirm that this statement is true. Will is like another Jace, Tessa is like Clary, and Jessamine is like Isabelle. I'm not quite sure about the other characters, so I won't say anything about that. Just like City of Bones, the first two hundred and fifty or so pages of Clockwork Angel had horrible pacing. There would be some action, then lots of talk and no action for more than a hundred pages. It's the same with the end too - Cassandra Clare would throw us some action scenes for us to get excited about, but then it just dies down, making the book draggy again. I'm surprised that Tessa isn't a Shadowhunter. After hearing about all the additional Shadowhunter books Cassandra Clare plans on writing, I was expecting Tessa to be a Shadowhunter, but to my surprise, she's not. I just hope that Tessa can't create new runes or write runes or do any Shadowhunter stuff in the future The Infernal Devices books. That would be a pity. There were also plenty of scenes in Clockwork Angel that were just plain awkward; I don't know how else to describe it. Will and Tessa would be talking, and all of a sudden, Tessa would be saying meaningful quotes, but it just sticks out and doesn't flow well. It's like you're talking with your friends, when without warning, one of your friends started quoting Shakespeare. It felt like that. Also, the many scenes where Tessa talks and thinks about books was awkward to me too. It's like Cassandra Clare was screaming at us readers: LOOK READERS, MY MAIN CHARACTER LIKES TO READ TOO. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW MUCH SHE LIKES TO READ, then proceeds to dump as many classic book titles available in the Victorian era as she can to show how "literate" Tessa was. Tessa loving books is too forced and just plain awful to read about. I just wanted to cringe in horror and run far, far away from those pages. Another thing I didn't like about Clockwork Angel was that everyone was talking too much when something dangerous was happening right that moment and they know it and instead of running off and saving lives, they continue talking. The Shadowhunters would explain certain things, and then talk some more, until finally, they had the sense to rush off and save lives. Seriously, while they were talking, one more person could be killed. I just wanted to slap them silly and tell them dude, save lives talk later! For those of you who haven't read Clockwork Angel yet, Clockwork Angel is a steampunk novel that mainly focuses around a plot involving Tessa's missing brother. When that plot twist involving Tessa's brother happened (and I'm sure the people who've already read Clockwork Angel knows exactly what I'm talking about), it immediately reminded me of Susan Dennard's book, Something Strange and Deadly, which came out in 2012. Both Clockwork Angel and Something Strange and Deadly are steampunk novels and both books have the same plot revolving around a missing brother and the same plot twist about that brother, all set in the Victorian era. It was like rereading Something Strange and Deadly all over again when I was reading Clockwork Angel's brother plot. Despite all these problems in Clockwork Angel, I will probably read Clockwork Prince, but not anytime soon, even though Clockwork Angel left with a kind of cliffhanger. Before I end my review, I have one question to ask: When you start to fall for someone, do you only notice the beautiful colors of their eyes and keep thinking about it? When Tessa was slowly falling for Will, all she could think about was how blue his eyes were and what an unique color it was. Basically, it drove me crazy. I'm personally not like that, constantly thinking about someone's eye color, but who knows? Effortlessly Reading: Clockwork Angel