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Sea - My Rating: 3.0 When I first read Sea's summary and saw the breathtaking underwater cover with a couple in it, I knew I had to read the book. However, I ended up having mixed feelings about Sea after reading it - mainly because of the Sienna's main love interest, Deni and the role he plays in the book. When Sienna stays in Indonesia for two weeks to help tsunami victims grasp their new life after the tsunami hit, Sienna meets Deni, a natural born leader that she is automatically attracted to. He influences her (not forces her) to disobey her father in order to meet him and make tons of risks just for him. Deni is not that fairytale perfect boyfriend; he bribes people in order to sneak out of the orphanage and smokes cigarettes. I don't know about you, but when I meet a guy like that, warning sounds go through my head, flashing Danger! Danger!, especially if you're fifteen. Yet Sienna, a fifteen year old innocent girl, falls hard for him in less than two weeks. Whenever Sienna does things with Deni, "oh my gosh, you're only fifteen!" runs through my head constantly. (I feel sad for her in the end when she separates from Deni though, but I think Spider is a much better match for her than Deni was.) And oh, Deni's secret that broke Sienna and my heart also left me confused at the end.(What guy wouldn't tell the girl he's seeing that he used to/has a fiance? Seriously?) I never expected Sea to end that way and I still don't get half of it. The other parts of Sea was good, mainly when the book was describing the Indonesian culture. Sea describes the Indonesian culture very well - from the way women wear their clothes to the way people take their transportation. Sea also made me feel how much of a disaster the tsunami caused - the orphans living in smelly dirty huts with no toilets and an area that floods easily. If you want a read that teaches you about a new culture and how horrible disasters are, then Sea is just the right book for you. ohdamnbooks: sea