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The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa My Rating: 3.5 The cover alone would make you want to read this book. Just look at it. Who knew four year old Ethan would turn out this hot? -drools- Ahem, okay, ignore me for a moment. And wow. Julie Kagawa did it again. I have absolutely no clue how she can write such long descriptive sentences without The Lost Prince being draggy, repetitive, or boring, but she did it. Oh indeed, she did. A lot of things has changed for Ethan these past years. He's no longer the shy, sweet, carefree four year old we met in The Iron King; instead he's tough, furious, and carrying a lot of angst, basically an asshole if you sum it up. I can't blame him though, he's justified for being the way he is. Hell, if I had an older sister and she was forced to stay in the Nevernever forever, I'll do a lot worse. I know we were supposed to like Kenzie, but to me, she's just an okay character. She's not exactly memorable. I like that she brings out Ethan's good side, but that's it. Kenzie is a little too stubborn for my taste, but that's what makes her her. I wish that we readers can get more background information on Keirran and Annwyl's relationship. Right now I'm just plainly accepting their relationship, but I can't really understand how deep their relationship goes since we never got to see how it developed. Hopefully we can find out more in the next book so I'll be able to root for them as a couple. Am I the only one happy that we get to see Meghan, Ash, and Puck again? I could feel a big bright smile on my face when they all appeared. Boy, did I miss them. They better appear in the next book too. I wonder how the sequel to The Lost Prince will play out. I understand the Forgotten fey's position and why they did the things they did. I also understand why Keirran feels the way he does about the Forgotten fey. However, I don't think there are any possible available solution to this problem that will make everyone happy in the end. The ultimate question is, where is Julie Kagawa going with this series? ohdamnbooks: the lost prince