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Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone - My Rating: 2.5 I can sum up Shadow and Bone into one word: predictable. When I first saw the book on goodreads, I was amazed by all the high ratings and praises for it that I just had to try it out. To my disappointment, I can guess every plot twist, and well, it ended up happening. Because of that, I couldn't really enjoy Shadow and Bone. To be honest, the only part I really enjoyed was the "before" prologue, that's it. One thing I have to give a lot of credit to Leigh Bardugo for is the amazing world building with its own unique system. The Grisha, which I thought sounded familiar, relating to something in Japan, has their own unique powers such as moving the wind or the power to heal. I didn't even mind the whole clique "the old ways [the Grisha] will soon be replaced by the new ways [rifles, guns, manpower]." However, I wasn't really comfortable with how Leigh Bardugo portrayed names as Russian and Chinese names while stereotyping how they were supposed to act. In those parts, I just wanted to throw the book across the room in disgust. Now the really predictable parts I want to talk about. First, Alina and Mal's relationship. How did I know exactly what was going to happen between them? (How did I know that Alina will fall in love with Mal when I first read the "before" chapter? How did I know that when she's away, Mal will realize how much he loves her after all? How did I know that they'll end up together? Sadly, even Mal's sweet speech to Alina couldn't make up for it.) Answer: Most books have this best friend fall in love situation. I wouldn't have minded the Alina and Mal situation if Leigh Bardugo never made this awful oh-so-predictable plot twist about the Darkling. (How did I also know that Alina will develop feelings for the Darkling? Well, it's quite obvious, she started looking up to him ever since he rescued her and was nice to her. How did I know that Genya betrayed Alina since she knew about the Darkling's plan? Well, ever since it was revealed that the Darkling had plans of his own, I remembered what Genya said about the king being overthrown soon. The pieces just fell into place.) I feel that Shadow and Bone could be a lot better if it wasn't so predictable. The writing is simple, but really readable. It's just the plot that makes me lose all interest. I'll try the next book, but hopefully, please, don't make it so predictable. Make me leave the book with my jaw still hanging open. ohdamnbooks: shadow and bone