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The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West My Rating: 3.0 Ever since I saw The Distance Between Us on goodreads, I just knew that I had to get my hands on the book. Even though it was a contemporary novel (contemporary novels and I totally do not get along with the exception of a few books), I was eagerly waiting for the release date to arrive. I wasn't that impressed with Pivot Point, Kasie West's debut, but I was willing to read The Distance Between Us and jump on the I-love-Kasie-West bandwagon. Not to mention the cover of The Distance Between Us screams a perfect summer read!, which is exactly what I've been looking for all summer. Add a book about not trusting a rich guy into the mix and I'm immediately hooked. I never thought I had the dumping-soda-on-something-purposefully instinct, but sure enough my hand reacts automatically. But he has instincts, too. Probably born from a lifetime of people wanting to dump soda on him. (182, 183) This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I thought that The Distance Between Us was an okay read. Just plain okay. It didn't impress me, it isn't one of my favorite books ever, and it wasn't at all memorable for me. In the end, all I really have to say about the book is meh, this book is probably just not the book for me. I like Caymen. I like her dry humor, the way she makes me laugh, and her dedication to her mother and her mother's doll shop. Caymen was also a character I could completely relate to. I mean, hasn't everybody liked somebody that they felt they couldn't completely trust once in their lives and struggled with it? I know I did. Apparently I'm further from being over him than I hoped and I hate myself for being weak. (169) As for Xander, he was just plain okay. He didn't really impress me or give me the butterflies. Yes, during some moments he was awesome and sweet, but during other moments, I wasn't quite so impressed with him. In some scenes, the way he acted was weird and I still can't put my finger onto it and figure out what he was thinking. If only Kasie West would write a book from Xander's point of view so I can understand what he was thinking and where his mindset was... The main issue I had with The Distance Between Us is that I can't feel the chemistry between Caymen and Xander. Sure, I didn't miss the parts (and hints) where it was stated that they were both attracted to each other, but I just didn't feel any chemistry between them. Therefore, their entire relationship was kind of bland in my eyes. Yes, they have their sweet moments and all, but I didn't feel the sparks fly or any real connection really forming between them two. When Caymen and Xander finally officially got together at the end of The Distance Between Us, I wasn't cheering and feeling happy for them. I just shrugged, closed the book, and started writing this review. He kisses me again and I laugh against his lips. I bury my fingers in the hair at the back of his neck. He squeezes my side and I laugh again. (247) I also felt like something was missing from the book. I don't know what it is, but I know something is. Maybe it's because I'm not really satisfied with the way Kasie West executed the rich-boy storyline and how the romance had no chemistry to it. Maybe it's because I expected so much more after seeing the raving reviews. I just don't know, but I do know this: I'm not satisfied with the book. I don't know guys, but maybe this is all just me. Tons of other people loved (and I mean loved) Kasie West's The Distance Between Us, but once again, I'm the black sheep. Will I recommend The Distance Between Us? Sure, especially if you love fluffy and cute romances. Hopefully you'll enjoy it better than I did. Effortlessly Reading: The Distance Between Us