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Dare You To

Dare You To - Katie McGarry My Rating: 4.5 Katie McGarry is amazing. Seriously. I'm not a fan of reading contemporary books with no paranormal elements; in fact, I don't like about 90% of all contemporaries I've read without any paranormal elements in it. When I started Pushing the Limits last year, I wasn't expecting much. To be honest, I was expecting to hate it, but it completely blew me away. Kate McGarry managed to drag me into Echo and Noah's story, make me cheer for them, make me feel sorry for them, and make me bawl for five minutes straight while reading their story. No other author could do that. When I heard that Katie McGarry was writing another book, Dare You To, this time focused on Beth with some guy named Ryan, I knew right away that it would be an automatic buy for me and that I needed to get my hands on it asap. I was originally planning on reading Dare You To the day it would be released in bookstores even though I knew it was on NetGalley. However, I finally caved in after more than a month of not requesting it and requested Dare You To on NetGalley for review. Waiting to see if I got accepted or rejected on NetGalley to read Dare You To was absolute torture. I was checking NetGalley everyday, and crying on the inside when I saw that I still didn't have a response from the publisher yet. (Yes, that was how much I was looking forward towards reading Dare You To.) When I finally got accepted on NetGalley, I was jumping up and down and dropped the books I was currently reading just so I can read Dare You To first. I was enjoying Dare You To so much that I was still reading it when I was supposed to be studying for one of my finals instead that was in four days. "There is absolutely nothing you can do to ever get me to give you my name or number." (ARC 17) It took me awhile to get into the story. The thing is, the first chapter was supposed to grab me right away, but I've already read the first chapter twice from reading an excerpt of Dare You To given to me at the back of my copy of Pushing the Limits around a year ago. That means that I was reading the first chapter of Dare You To for the third time and it didn't automatically pull me in into the story because I've already read it twice in the past. It wasn't until around 15% of the book until I finally got into the story. The car slowly drives by and Beth presses her palm against the passenger window. Written in black marker is the word signaling my defeat: can't. (ARC 19) I didn't really like Beth in Pushing the Limits. Beth was mean and rude to Echo for no reason, making Echo feel bad when Echo already had enough problems to deal with. However, in Dare You To, I totally love Beth. She's gutsy, sassy, and snarky, with a secret side she only shows to people she trusts, all the traits I'll love to have in a best friend. After reading her story and learning more about where she came from and what she had to deal with, I can forgive Beth's actions to Echo in Pushing the Limits, although she still has to be nicer to Echo. I was a little frustrated with Beth because she can be so blind sometimes, but at the same time, I understood her position. "I'm going to say this slowly and use little words in the hope you can follow along. If you call me Elisabeth again, I'll make sure you can never father children. Tell anyone else whose niece I am and you'll be sucking air out of a tube in your throat." (ARC 98, 99) As for Ryan, he was a major jerk in the beginning. (I'll like to use another word to describe him, but I don't think any of you reading this would appreciate that.) I loved the way Beth put him down because frankly, Ryan deserved it. I didn't have much faith for Ryan at first, but as I read on, he slowly began to grow on me. I loved the way Ryan was patient with Beth and could see the real her when everyone looks at her and sees somebody else. "It's nice to meet you," Arrogant Taco Bell Boy says as if we never met. Maybe he doesn't remember. Jocks usually aren't smart. Their muscles feast on their brains. (ARC 81) I love how Beth and Ryan were a perfect match together. Beth brings Ryan down when he's being an egotistic jerk and Ryan is the constant person in Beth's life for her to relay on. I love watching their bumpy non-existent relationship changed, how Beth slowly grew to trust Ryan and how Ryan became a better person for Beth. Katie McGarry is an absolute genius when it comes to writing scenes that could make me cry. To be honest, I was expecting to cry when I was reading Dare You To because Pushing the Limits was one of the only books that managed to make me cry non-stop for five whole minutes. I cried for about five times while reading Dare You To - I was hurting for Beth, her family situation, what she had to face, and Ryan's jerkyness attitude. There's a roaring in my head and I freeze mid-step. I'm in the kitchen and I have no idea how I made it here. "What did you say?" (402) Overall, I have one thing to say: READ THIS BOOK! Seriously, if you don't, you're definitely missing out on something very good. Dare You To will tug on your heartstrings, make your eyes wet and teary, and you would never want to let the book go. Dare You To is definitely a must buy. And before I end my review, I have several words to say: I dare you to read this book. I dare you to read this book without crying. I dare you to put this book down. One word: Can't. Effortlessly Reading: Dare You To