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Death and the Girl Next Door

Death and the Girl Next Door - Darynda Jones My Rating: 1.5 Death and the Girl Next Door is a DNF book for me at page 159, halfway through the book. Why? Two main reasons: the plot and Lorelei.First, the plot made no sense whatsoever. In fact, it got so ridiculous that I just rolled my eyes, sighed in disbelief, slammed the book shut, and never opened it ever again. Things just appeared out of random and the way the characters just think annoy me to no end. Why is it that all the young adult books I've read lately only cares if a guy is hot? If a guy is hot, then he is allowed to be a total jerk, gets away with murder, and is allowed to try to kill you (Hush, Hush anyone?). Well, it's the same with Death and the Girl Next Door. Jared was sent on Earth to kill Lorelei, but didn't. Lorelei finds out about Jared's mission, and instead of focusing on the fact that he might kill her at any moment to get back to where he belongs, she ogles over his gorgeous looks. What. Lorelei is as dumb as Nora in Hush, Hush. There were several scenes in which it was so glaringly obvious something was wrong/important/posting warning signs and Lorelei just ignored it. To think that Lorelei is a prophet and related to Joan of Arc and Sappho is a huge insult to them. I don't think Joan of Arc or Sappho think with their hormones, do they? Also, what kind of teenager describes a guy's hotness as supernova? Of course, Lorelei does. I'm so glad I saved $10 and didn't buy the book since I thought the cover was cute. It's an additional $10 towards buying other books that's worth the money. ohdamnbooks: death and the girl next door