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Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart - Melissa C. Walker My Rating: 3.0 Let me start my review with this: I've sort-of been in Amanda, Clem's best friend, situation before. I fell head over heels for this guy in less than a week, and was pretty soon dating him. Later, I discovered he wasn't entirely fateful to me (flirting with other girls). I broke up with him in the end because I couldn't take it anymore and cried about it. All my best friends spent time comforting me, saying he just wasn't worth it and they never liked him anyway. Then I find out a week later after we broke up that one of my best friends, who I spent a lot of time confiding to, was dating him. She ended up breaking up with him three days later, but things between us have never been the same. I just can't trust her anymore. It's been two years after that incident happened so far and I still can't forgive her. I only talk to her if I'm forced to. Don't get me wrong, I'm completely over that guy and believe in one-hundred percent the concept of chicks before dicks, but what she did, I just can't forgive. So in the end of Unbreak My Heart, when Clem thinks that a simple letter with an apology will make Amanda forgive her for what she did, she's dead wrong. (I have absolutely no idea why Amanda got back together with Ethan though. Well, I think I can understand.) True, Clem didn't exactly do anything with Ethan besides holding hands, but the way she tries to blame Ethan for a major part of it (since he's the one who held her hand first) was just dirty. Just accept your mistake and suck it up. You messed up. You're the one who lied. Maybe I'm a little biased having it happened to me before. I know Clem made a mistake and she learned from it, but, well, still. Unbreak My Heart was sweet and just okay although I couldn't sympathize with Clem for personal reasons. ohdamnbooks: unbreak my heart