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Star Crossed (Stargazer)

Star Crossed - Jennifer Echols My Rating: 1.5 I love, absolutely love, Jennifer Echols' books ever since I read Going Too Far. It was smart, wild, and fun, keeping me entertained all day long. As soon as I finished it, I hopping on the train on the way to Barnes & Noble to snag myself a copy. I breathed, talked, and laughed Going Too Far. However, as I read more and more of Jennifer Echols' latest books, I'm not really that into them, or loving them like I how I would have expected to. It's either that a) Jennifer Echols' writing is becoming more and more disappointing or b) my reading style/skills have changed. I was happy to read and find out that Star Crossed is written in two different point-of-views: Wendy and Daniel. I usually enjoy reading books told from the point-of-views of both people in a relationship because I get to read about their thoughts, but in Star Crossed, even with the two different point-of-views, the book bored me to death. Wendy's voice was too whiny for my taste while Daniel felt emotionless throughout the book. Sadly, Star Crossed was also lacking the sass, fun, and snark the original Jennifer Echols books have. The entire book was boring and I just didn't feel the chemistry between Wendy and Daniel. I just read about how they sort-of secretly like each other, but it didn't seem real to me. Even their playful quips failed to entertain me. There was also a little mystery element in Star Crossed. However, the characters didn't know about it (by "it" I mean the characters didn't know that there's something really strange going on that they need to solve) while I figured it out very early on in the book. Flip a lot of pages later, someone finally has a clue, and then it takes more pages to finally solve and end the mystery. I'm sad to say that the only slightly engaging part of Star Crossed is the last thirty pages of the book. There, some action happens, but by then, it's too little, too late already. I'm not sure if I'll check out or read the next book in the Star Gazer series, Playing Dirty, which is focused on one of Wendy's best friends, Sarah. Maybe I will give it another chance because I know what Jennifer Echols is capable of writing. However, I will be in no hurry to read it. I just hope that Jennifer Echols' next young adult book, Dirty Little Secret, isn't written like this. If it is, then...ohdamnbooks: star crossed