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Alice Bliss

Alice Bliss - Laura Harrington Obtained: Through Goodreads First Reads I have always wondered about wartimes and all the broken families that were left behind when one of their loved ones goes off to fight in the war. I know if I was in that position, I can't deal with it with the constant reminder of my missing loved one. What if he dies? What if I wasn't aware of it? How will I change when they're gone, especially when the bad news come? I admire Alice's bravery. For a 15 year old, she is so mature. She's the one who tries to keep her family together when her mother loses it. Such a responsibility should not fall on a 15 year old. She'll have to be strong as a role model for both her mother and her little sister Ellie to also not lose it. If one of them falls, the rest of them will fall too, exactly like dominoes. Alice Bliss is a sad story that constantly tugs on my heartstrings. If you want to read a sad story about lost and growing up, then Alice Bliss is the right book for you.