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Immortal City

Immortal City - Scott Speer My Rating: 4.0 The minute I saw the cover of Immortal City, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Just look at the cover; it's absolutely gorgeous! I love the guy (and his muscles), his (cross?) tattoo, his tight black shirt, his sharp wings, and the cloudy background. The summary of Immortal City also immediately caught my attention - I've never read, or heard, of any book that made people pay for an Guardian Angel's service. The cover and summary both immediately caught my attention, and with that, I resolved to get my hands on Immortal City as soon as possible. I did...but it was sitting on my bookshelf unread, until now. I love reading about the world-building/society in Immortal City. Like I said above, Scott Speer's idea really caught my attention. It'll be a scary world if Guardian Angels, if they really exist, really do charge money for their services. Right from the very first page, Scott Speer explores the unfairness of that issue: one person who could afford to hire a Guardian Angel gets drunk and drives, which results in a massive car crash. However, that drunk person gets saved by his Guardian Angel because he can afford to hire one while the other innocent driver unfairly drives. This situation certainly pulled me in into the book and caught my attention. "What about him?" Brad asked....The angel looked at the sinking pickup as if seeing it for the first time."He didn't have coverage," he said. (4) Immortal City is told from four different points of view if you ignore the first introductory chapter: Maddy, Jackson, Sylvester, and Kevin. I enjoyed reading every single one chapter written from their point of view, although I don't really think Kevin's point of view is needed. Kevin's point of view didn't show up until near the end of the book and only appeared in two short chapters. Scott Speer could have managed writing the book without it. I didn't really feel Maddy and Jackson's romance - it was almost like insta-love. They met under unusual circumstances, talked for awhile, felt sparks and a connection, was forced to leave each other's company, and from that moment on, Jackson can not forget Maddy and Maddy can not forget Jackson. A short time later, they were both in love with each other. I never really felt Jackson and Maddy's chemistry, it wasn't really believable. His hand was hot to the touch, and Maddy thought she could feel a crackle of electricity, as if a current of energy was passing through Jacks and into her. From the look on Jack's face, he had felt something too. (79) I really enjoyed and liked reading the mystery component of Immortal City. I never saw the culprit coming and I'm really good at predicting plot twists. I was all like ugh, how could I have not figured that out? The culprit was so hard, yet simple, to figure out. Another reason why I enjoyed reading the mystery component in Immortal City is probably because I wasn't actually expecting their to be any mystery in the book. I never read the full summary of Immortal City, so when the mystery part of the book was bought up, I was surprised and somewhat pleased. "You don't just kill an Angel out here with the whole world watching." Sylveser pulled his keys out of his coat pocket. "Come on, Bill," he said as he walked toward his car. "We're not at the murder scene." (110) It's sad that I heard that the sequel to Immortal City, Natural Born Angel, isn't as good as Immortal City. I'll probably avoid reading the sequel to Immortal City, unless the Immortal City series is a trilogy. Will I recommend Immortal City to others? Definitely. It's a fun read with an unique take on angels. Immortal City might be the first book about angels that I absolutely liked. Effortlessly Reading: Immortal City