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Just One Of The Guys

Just One of the Guys - Kristan Higgins My Rating: 2.0 I'll be honest, I didn't really like the Just One of the Guys. It was supposed to be a contemporary romance book written by Kristan Higgins, a very well known author, but Just One of the Guys lacked major romance to satisfy me. Which is also why I skimmed more than fifty percent of the book, not bothering to read the whole thing. Chastity. I couldn't stand her. She constantly feels sorry for herself because she's just "one of the guys." Every time she mentions that, I couldn't help but picture her as a six feet tall very muscular woman with a not so flattering pixie haircut. I also wanted to smack Chastity for even thinking about marrying Ryan Darling the first place when she obviously doesn't like him the way she loves Trevor. And all the cheating? I get that she loves him so much, but to cheat on Ryan then marry Ryan the next day? Um, no. The ending made no absolutely no sense, especially since more than half the book doesn't support the ending. Suddenly, Trevor changes his mind about Chastity and decides to ask Chastity to marry him when they have barely dated. (Oh, and I guess it wasn't surprising that Trevor had loved Chastity all along.) It was only hinted two times throughout Just One of the Guys that Trevor might have returned Chastity's feelings, and then suddenly to be deeply in love with her? What? It'll help a lot if Kristan Higgins planted pieces of their romance throughout the book. ohdamnbooks: just one of the guys