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The Thing about the Truth

The Thing About the Truth - Lauren Barnholdt My Rating: 3.0 Having read Two-Way Street and One Night That Changes Everything in the past and really loving them, I became a major fan of Lauren Barnholdt. However, lately all her newly published books are disappointing me and The Thing About the Truth is no exception. Let's talk about the amazing cover first. I love it. Sure it's awkward, but it gives you a hint of what the story is about. (In the end, I find out it doesn't. If it does, it should be the other way around, the guy ignoring the girl's kiss.) I was very tempted to buy the book just for the cover alone. When I first started reading The Thing About the Truth, I was wondering what was Kelsey's horrible secret that managed to tear her and Isaac apart. Lauren Barnholdt made the secret seem so terrible, but when Kelsey's secret was finally revealed in the end, I was like this is it? This is the horrible secret she's been keeping? What pettiness. I was so let down by the ending. I couldn't believe that Kelsey forgave Isaac for "betraying" her, if you can call it that. (He kissed Kelsey, got drunk over daddy problems at the same day, then made out with Marina.) Kelsey kept telling herself to not fall for guys like Isaac and Rex, but when she was given the chance to totally push Isaac out and get rid of him, she didn't. Instead, she caved. I was just shaking my head by then. There were also many unanswered questions. Did Isaac and Kelsey managed to get kicked out of school? How did their parents react? Did Kelsey finally dump her "best friend" as a friend? Did Chloe and Dave ever get together? I want some answers please! The only thing I really liked about The Thing About the Truth was the "The Aftermath" and the "Before" chapters. It kept readers guessing until the very end, wondering what the huge secret was. I also love that Lauren Barnholdt wrote the book in both Kelsey and Isaac's point of view. It gives you a glimpse into both of their minds and how they feel during each part of their relationship. ohdamnbooks: the thing about the truth