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Too Good To Be True

Too Good to Be True - Kristan Higgins My Rating: 3.5 With a book blurb dealing with imaginary fake boyfriends, Too Good to be True immediately caught my attention. A gorgeous next door neighbor? Check. A sisterly twist? Double check. An author I've heard good things about who wrote the book? Triple check. If there was such a thing as a triple check. My first thought when I read Too Good to be True was what kind of sister is Natalie?, seconded by how can Grace be so kind and understanding? I understand that Natalie nearly died and how Natalie was technically Grace's birthday present so she feels a great need to take care of her, but for Grace's fiance to break up with her then for Grace to match them both up because she saw the real reason why he broke up with her? Man, I don't know how Grace managed not to keep a grudge on Natalie. How can Natalie even deal, knowing that Andrew had slept with her older sister before and nearly married her? Due to the lost-fiance-to-beautiful-little-sister story, people started pitying Grace, so her solution? To make up an imaginary boyfriend! I understood her because hey! If I was her, I would too. Funny how that situation comes back to bite her. I loved the romance between Grace and Callahan O'Shea. (What an adorable cowboy-ish name!) They first met when Grace thought Callahan was a robber when he was lurking outside the empty house next door near midnight and hit him with her hockey stick when he knocked on her front door. Their next meeting was when she was trying to apologize to him for the first incident and accidentally knocked him on the face with a rake. I couldn't help grinning foolishly at the irony. The only thing that was iffy about Callahan was that he's an ex-con. When he first told her, I thought he was lying because it was right after she knocked him out with both her hockey stick and her rake, trying to scare Grace off. When I found out what he said was true however, I thought: there should be a good reason for it. He seems like a good guy. And there is a very good reason for what Callahan did. In the end, Callahan is the good guy. However, I disliked how Callahan waited outside Grace's house at the end of the book, hoping she'll forgive him for being an idiot for leaving her about lying about her fake boyfriend and take him back. I was expecting something bigger and better. Maybe roses. Maybe a speech. Not just appearing on the doorstep and praying she'll take him back when he explained about everything. I adored the parts where Angus, Grace's little dog, appeared. He was simple and cute, helping to advance the story. I couldn't help but think aww! What a cute spoiled dog! I will definitely check out Kristan Higgins' many other romance novels, especially since I enjoyed Too Good to be True. Hopefully, all the main love interests would be as sweet as Callahan. ohdamnbooks: too good to be true