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Auracle - Gina Rosati My Rating: 3.0 The cover of Auracle is simply breathtaking. Just look at it! I love the circle-shaped glows, the way the wind blows the cover model's blond hair, her pure white dress, and the extra touch of her walking bare feet. The background also adds to the mystery. (The only thing that doesn't make sense though is that the main character, Anna, has brown hair. Taylor is the one who has blond hair, so is that Taylor being featured on the cover?) When I first read the blurb of Auracle and saw its stunning cover, I couldn't wait to read it. I had first read about astral projection in Stranger with My Face by Lois Duncan and found the history of astral projection so fascinating and wanted to learn more. However, Auracle doesn't really explore how and why Anna can astral project; she just does. I don't understand this because if I was Anna, I would be digging around looking for why I'm the only one who can do this, but no, she just accepts it and experiments, not worried at all about the possible consequences. My one main complaint about Auracle is the book's pacing. It takes a couple of chapters for things to actually happen - the first five or so chapters are used to explain Anna's life. Then there are ten pages of action, which abruptly stops and starts again in another couple of chapters. Auracle could have been easily cut in half and we readers won't miss a thing, and that's saying something, especially since Auracle is a very short book to start with. I also didn't see the slow development of Anna and Rei's relationship. One moment they were just best friends helping each other out, and the next moment they were kissing. I was just standing there, blinking at the page, thinking um, did I read this right? Some things also didn't make any sense. Why would Anna's mother leave her daughter with her drunk alcoholic father and continually make excuses for him? It'll make sense if Anna's mother ditched Anna altogether and never hung out with her, but for Anna's mother to continually visit Anna and support her while making excuses for Anna's father just doesn't make any sense. Why won't Anna's mother just win custody of Anna so she won't have to worry about Anna living with her father? The worse part is that we never get any answers. The main thing I have to say is this: don't be fooled by the cover. Auracle is a decent book to read, but isn't memorable.ohdamnbooks: auracle