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About That Night (FBI/US Attorney Series #3)

About That Night - Julie James My Rating: 4.0 Just the title, About That Night, makes me curious about the book and takes my breath away at the same time. What thoughts does it bring into your mind? Believe me, it's not as naughty as it seems to be. Kyle, the "Twitter Terrorist", was introduced in A Lot Like Love the second book in Julie James' FBI/US Attorney series where Kyle's twin sister, Jordan, was one of the main characters. Kyle was convicted for issuing a denial of service attack on Twitter, shutting it down for two days, causing worldwide panic. (I still can't believe it. It's Twitter. Well then again, me and my friends freaked out when Tumblr closed down for ten hours.) Kyle met his love interest, Rylann, nine years ago, asked her out on a date, but couldn't make it because his mother got into a car accident that same week. They meet again, this time Kyle having witnessed a threat in prison and Rylann needing him as a witness in her case. That's when sparks start flying, especially when getting together with Kyle may risk her job. I was so happy when Rylann made the right decision (choosing Kyle over how not dating him would be so much easier). I adore Kyle. The way he calls Rylann "counselor" is really cute. I wonder if it'll stay that way when/if they have kids. I'm also happy that he uses his hacking skills to actually help people instead of hurting them. Jack Pallas, however, is still my favorite Julie James character. Julie James succeeded in writing another god damn awesome book. About That Night had me laughing so much, I had to double-check constantly to see if anyone was staring at me like I was insane while I was in an empty room. She sure knows how to write. Now, let's talk about the cover. In my opinion, About That Night has the best cover than all of Julie James' other books, but the clothes the characters are wearing on the cover doesn't match Kyle and Rylann's styles, which is a bit disappointing since Something About You and A Lot Like Love covers matched what the characters wore in a certain part of the book. About That Night decided something for me that I was pondering over ever since I've read Something About You - whether or not to buy Julie James' FBI/US Attorney series. The answer is a huge yes. Her books are so awesome that I won't regret a second of forking over $7.99 three times to buy the entire series that came out so far. Not including the tax. I seriously can't wait until the next book, Love Irresistibly, written by Julie James, which comes out next year. I want to read it now. ohdamnbooks: about that night