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Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress Series #1)

Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost My Rating: 3.5 Whew. I'm glad I finished Halfway to the Grave, and not for a really good reason. When I first read Once Burned, I was automatically hooked onto Jeaniene Frost, Lelia, and Vlad. Once Burned was the first book I had tried written by Jeaniene Frost, and upon hearing that she has another series featuring Cat and Bones, I jumped at the chance to read it. However, Halfway to the Grave wasn't even close to how good Once Burned was, leaving me feeling disappointed. Oh well. One problem I had with the book was Cat and Bones' fast relationship. I can understand the attraction part, but for Bones to fall in love with Cat so soon after their very second conversation after he's lived for over two hundred years and been with a ton of girls? It seems like it's insta-love for him. I wanted something more. The mother-daughter relationship in Halfway to the Grave also got me mad. It was quite obvious that Cat's mother was only socializing with Cat to get Cat to kill every single vampire out there. I understand Cat's love for her mother, the only one who would "befriend" her through her life until now, but if I had Cat's mother for a mother, I would talk right back. I just wish that Cat can open her eyes and see that her mother is just using her. The bad guys are also not really "bad guys" in Halfway to the Grave. They were too simple and the ultimate fight at the end left me feeling unsatisfied, although it does help start the next book. Throughout Halfway to the Grave, I was always wondering who is the ultimate bad guy? right until the very end where I was disappointed. Halfway to the Grave got so dull that halfway through the book (not meant to be a pun) I was wondering if I should drop the book. After reading the ending of Halfway to the Grave, I have to agree, I should have dropped the book. Right now, I have the rest of the series in my hands and I don't know whether to continue reading it or not. Decisions, decisions. ohdamnbooks: halfway to the grave