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Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis My Rating: 2.5 When I first started reading the first four chapters of Across the Universe, the first thought that flickered through my head is this is not my type of book. I didn't understand the world and all the confusing things being constantly thrown at me. I eventually got everything, but I wish some things were explained in the very beginning. One thing I hated about Amy and Elder is how they were so damn clueless. Right from the start, I knew who was the murderer. It was quite obvious and there were many so many clues thrown at us (the ear scar, his voice talking right before someone was killed, him knowing things that he wasn't supposed to know), but Amy and Elder still couldn't see it, not until the very end. I was surprised when I found Eldest deepest secret (that Eldest and Elder share the exact same DNA). I totally wasn't expecting that. I really wasn't expecting that. I knew about Eldest's other secrets before it was revealed (that he put drugs in the water to heighten the mating season), but his main secret? No way. The choice of curse words used in Across the Universe made me laugh. "Frex" was used in place of the f-word and "shite" was used instead of the s-word. It was funny reading the words when it was used; "frex" sounded so weird when Elder used it that I thought he wasn't really mad at all. The mating season scenes (especially the scene where Amy was sexually harassed by the people in the mental hospital in graphic detail) truly disgusted me. It made me put the book down and take deep breaths for several minutes. There should be a warning before scenes like that happened. As for if I'll read A Million Suns, the next book in the Across the Universe trilogy, my answer would be no - until I read a chapter preview that left me absolutely shocked. (The scientists lied to Eldest about the length of the journey?! Say what?) I guess I'll check it out just to see what happens to Amy and Elder. Just a note, goodreads says that Across the Universe is a dystopian novel, but I don't agree. There's not much dystopian elements in it for it to be a dystopian novel. ohdamnbooks: across the universe