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Once (Eve Trilogy Series #2)

Once - Anna Carey My Rating: 2.5 I remembered I loved the dystopian world of Eve, but when Once was released and I got my greedy hands on it, I didn't read it right away. Why? Well, from reading Eve, I could easily predict what the whole big "secret" is in Once that Eve had discovered (Eve is really the King's daughter like I thought after all. Joy!), and as it turns out, I was right. That left me a bit redundant to read Once. When I actually got around to reading Once, I found out I was right, and that made everything in Once pretty predictable for me. I never noticed it until now, but everyone always risks their life for Eve. Arden. Heddy (that poor dog. Her death was so cruel. ): ). Caleb. What makes Eve so freaking special? If I was Arden, the only character I really liked in Once besides Clara, I would have ditched Eve ages ago instead of being stuck with her and risking my own life for her. I wanted to shake her and be like go ditch Eve and live! Caleb's stupidity in Once also didn't make any sense to me. He kept risking himself for Eve, standing less than two feet apart from the very man that wants him killed, going to dangerous places just to see her, and taking Eve on a boat ride date in a busy area where soldiers are lurking. Why is he being so reckless? His face is plastered everywhere and he risks himself for a girl that ditched him. It's like Anna Carey was desperately trying to find a way for Caleb to be captured, so she made him recklessly want to guide Eve home like Eve didn't know how to go back herself. (I still can't believe that Caleb died though! Like what! Although I know how that will end.) I bet I can predict what will happen in Rise. (Caleb and Harper will miraculously be alive, Eve's father's regime will end, and everyone will live happily ever after. The end.) I'll read Rise, just to see if I'm right. I don't mean to sound so obnoxious, but so far, this trilogy seems pretty predictable. ohdamnbooks: once