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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1)

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1) - My Rating: 3.5 Before I start this review, you guys should know that this is the second time I re-read Cinder. The first time I read Cinder, I DNF'd it because, well, it was pretty predictable. It wasn't until way later that I found out why: Besides Cinderella, Cinder is also based on Sailor Moon, a popular television show I loved to watch when I was a kid and I subconsciously realized that Cinder was a lot like Sailor Moon, hence why I found it so predictable. After that, I decided to give Cinder another chance, and to my surprise, I found myself enjoying it a lot more. I have to again give Marissa Meyer huge credit for her brilliant cyborg-Cinderella-Sailor Moon idea and managing to perfectly mix all the elements into the story naturally. She is a genius. I love how Kai's character is so realistic. I've read a lot of books written from the guy's point of view, and they just don't sound like guys. With Kai, we got a guy who is genuinely concerned about his people and also a guy who knows how to laugh and have fun. In fact, I think Kai is better than Darren from Sailor Moon. For some reason, I didn't like Peony before and I still don't like her now. I don't know why. Peony is portrayed as the nice stepsister and Cinder's best human friend, but something about her just seems off to me. Maybe it's because I know that Cinder is a retelling of Cinderella, so the two stepsisters both have to be evil. I dunno. And Adri, that evil stepmother. I don't know how Cinder managed to not slap her because if I was in Cinder's position? I would have long been in jail for beating Adri up. Cinder is Adri's scapegoat and the funny thing is, Adri depends on Cinder for income, only she's too stubborn to admit it. Sure, I can sometimes sympathize with Adri, but her actions are too violent and selfish. I want to slap Kai in the end of Cinder. That comment he said to Cinder (you'll automatically know what I'm talking about once you get to it) really hurt Cinder. If he dares complain that Cinder fooled him about her identity and that she purposely tried to seduce him, I would be so mad. (You don't know how many guys I know in real life or read in books that fell for the girl, gets rejected, and then twists everything around so they look good.) I absolutely, positively, can't wait for Scarlet. I want to meet Scarlet and the big bad wolf and see how Cinder and Kai's relationship is now. February, please come faster! ohdamnbooks: cinder First Review: My Rating: 2.0 When I first saw Cinder, my first thought was: Wow! A cyborg Cinderella with the Cinderella story element in it! This is a book I must read, especially since so many people liked/loved it! Well, I was dead wrong. I read the first fifty pages knowing after I finished reading the first two chapters I was making a deadly mistake, and skimmed the rest of the book. For me, Cinder was dull and very predictable. Cinder is supposed to be predictable you say, because it's story is based on the common fairytale Cinderella that everyone basically knows. True, but I'm not talking about that plot. I was, of course, one-hundred percent expecting Marissa Meyer to be keeping the fairytale theme because fans of Cinderella would be so disappointed if she didn't. But no, I mean that ultra fight the bad guy plot, or in this case, fight the bad lady.Along with the awful stepmother, one awful stepsister, and the other youngest stepsister as Cinder's best friend, Marissa Meyer added some major bad guys, Queen Levana, the leader of the Lunar, also known as the moon, empire. Queen Levana uses strong glamour to make herself appear as the perfect woman, forbids any reflective surface or mirrors to be lingering around (because they can see through the glamour), and is threatening to take over New Beijing, where Cinder lives among the Earth people. Queen Levana is so evil that she killed off her own daughter, Princess Selene, to be the only heir to the Lunar throne. Queen Levana wants to marry Prince Kai to gain power on Earth and blackmails him with the cure for the plague taking thousands of lives on Earth to do it. Where does Cinder come in? Well, Cinder falls in love with Prince Kai without him realizing that she's a cyborg. And then Cinder finds out that she's a Lunar! The second Cinder found out that she's a Lunar, I just knew what would happen to the next remaining four-fifths of the book. (It's quite obvious Marissa Meyer will make Cinder's "true" identity Princess Selene, and boy, was I right!)And then there's the setting. New Beijing. Sounds familiar? At first, I was confused, because when I heard of New Beijing, I automatically thought of Asia and grew excited. Ohhh, this book will talk about the Asian culture! I thought. Lots of people in Cinder also had Asian names too like Kai and Pearl, but to my disappointment, there was absolutely nothing in Cinder to hint of any sorts of Asian culture, even after Marissa Meyer mentioned that Cinder lived in Asia.I'm not sure I even want to check out Scarlet, coming out in 2013, because of the mess in Cinder. I'm very tempted into giving Cinder a 1.5 rating after the huge disappointment, but me, I'm too nice. I doubt I'm going to read Scarlet. ohdamnbooks: cinder