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Never Seduce a Scot: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs

Never Seduce a Scot: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs - My Rating: 4.0 I had never read a book that could manage to make me cry five times in one sitting. On the crowded subway. With people staring at me in horror. Never Seduce A Scot is that book. Due to an arranged marriage by the king of Scotland in an effort to bring peace, the king matched up Eveline Armstrong and Graeme Montgomery to be married, his ultimate goal being bringing peace to both the Armstrong and Montogomery clans. Of course, no one has a choice and to reject his decision means war to the king. Eveline is considered daft, or "touched" in Never Seduce A Scot, but the truth is, she isn't. In fact, she wisely pretends to be daft in order to avoid a certain fate, but then had to face another horrible one anyway. Graeme is worried because being married to someone "touched" means no heirs, which is horrible especially since he's the laird of his clan. Now on to the question I bet you're all wondering: why did I cry so much? Well, I felt so freaking sorry for Eveline, so being a major understatement. Eveline manages to avoid one cruel fate to have another shoved into her face. She's so open-minded and kind, hoping to show the Montogomery clan that she's her own self and not just one of those "evil" Armstrongs, to no success. Even though Eveline is cussed at, accused, and snarled at, she tries her best, until she can't no longer. I felt for Eveline, connected with her, and understood her sadness. If I was in her position, I wouldn't have last as long as she had. I was reading Never Seduce A Scot on the subway on the way to college and crying so much due to all the cruel things she faced that the lady sitting across from me was shooting me ton of weird looks, but I didn't mind. Crying over Never Seduce A Scot is worth it. Now on to Eveline's cuteness. I loved how she was determined to be Graeme's wife when he didn't know what to do with her (before he found out that she wasn't really daft at all). I loved it when she moved her things to his bedroom when he gave her a separate chamber from his and shocked him out of his wits. I loved the way she risked her life two times and faced her terror of horses just for her husband. I loved how she didn't care at all for her harsh injuries and instead focused on his. I love how she cried, "He loves me!" and screamed, "I LOVE YOU!" back to him. Epic cuteness. I will definitely read Maya Bank's other books. I hope it's as good as Never Seduce A Scot and would hopefully not make me cry as much, although I don't mind if it's a good book. ohdamnbooks: never seduce a scot